Gold Quilled Wedding Anniversary Certificate

I’ve had the pleasure of featuring several of Ann Martin‘s beautiful quilled wedding keepsakes over the years – from ketubahs to framed wedding invitations. Today I have the privilege of sharing a gold and white marriage certificate that Ann created to celebrate a 15th wedding anniversary!


From Ann: Quilling is the art of rolling narrow strips of paper to create a variety of shaped coils and scrolls. The technique dates back hundreds of years and has changed very little with the passage of time. For this certificate, the couple’s 15th anniversary is coming up in April. As a celebration of the occasion, I was asked to create a design based on their wedding invitation. Calligrapher Riva Brown of Living Letters Studio did the lettering. She used shimmering gold gouache for the names and also the first letter of each vow.


All of the quilling was done with gilded-edge gold and white quilling paper. The bride carried lilies in her bouquet, so she asked me to include them in the design. I used metallic gold paper to make sculptured peace lilies. The certificate is 15 x 22 inches, about half the size of the Quaker marriage certificates Riva and I often collaborate on, as they require additional space for guest signature lines. A marriage certificate can also function as an alternative guest book that can later be framed as a reminder of the day.





Thanks so much Ann!

Photo Credits: Ann Martin | All Things Paper

  1. Thanks for sharing my calligraphy with your readership. I do so love collaborating with other high quality artists. Ann is amazing and together she and I have created some stunning documents.

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