Pretty Paper in the Office: Calculators

I refuse to let go of some things; calculators are one of those things. I’ve used the app that comes standard on phones, but there’s something about the tactile act of pressing the keys that lets me get into a flow in a way I never could on a touchscreen. (I also can’t get over the accuracy issue. I always mess up on the phone!) After attending my first NSS a few years ago, it became obvious that with some work, it’s just better to have an actual calculator in hand. Luckily there are still plenty of great options out there for those of use who like to crunch those numbers the old school way.  – Julie
Pretty Paper in the Office: Well Designed Calculator Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper


1. Eco-calculator by Poppin

2. Slim small calculator from neo-utlity

3. Mobile calculator by IDEA International

4. Slip-on calculator from Anthropologie

5. Braun calculator from The Future Perfect

6. Lexon bamboo calculator from See Jane Work