DIY Tutorial: Wire Leaf Fall Table Decor

Last November was my very first project here on OSBP – a set of mini pinecone wreath place cards for your Thanksgiving table. I’ve created a lot of tutorials over the last few years, but those little wreaths are still one of my favorite projects. I used them so many times last fall, and they made me realize how much I love a little decorative item delicately placed upon a plate and how something very simple can elevate a place setting without much effort. It is for this reason that I so love today’s project – delicate wire fall leaves that look so adorable when greeting a dinner guest. Let them shine on their own, or pair them with a placecard. Enjoy!  – Mandy Pellegrin of Fabric Paper Glue

DIY Wire Fall Leaves  10

DIY Wire Fall Leaves  1

Brass jewelry wire – 20 gauge
Green floral wire – 20 gauge
Wire pliers
Fall leaf template

DIY Wire Fall Leaves  2

Step One: Cut a piece of wire approximately 18″ long.

DIY Wire Fall Leaves  3

Step Two: Bend the wire into the shape of a maple leaf using the template as a guide. For curves, hold the wire down onto the template with one hand while bending the wire with your other hand.

DIY Wire Fall Leaves  4

Step Three: To get sharp corners and tips, use your fingernail to make a small divot where you want a bend, and then use the pliers to grasp the wire at that point and bend at a right angle.

DIY Wire Fall Leaves  5

Step Four: To get a defined point, squeeze the two sides of a bend together between the pliers.

DIY Wire Fall Leaves  6

Step Five: Finish each leaf off by twisting the wire around itself, and snipping off the end. Once finished, you can reshape the wire as needed.

DIY Wire Fall Leaves  7

Step Six: Use different colors of wire to create different leaves. Here, I’ve made an oak leaf with brass wire to contrast with my green maple leaves. (Ed Note: These would look SO amazing in copper wire! – Nole)

DIY Wire Fall Leaves  8

DIY Wire Fall Leaves  9DIY Wire Fall Leaves  12

Photo Credits: Mandy Pellegrin for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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