Hello again! Introducing our newest addition: Alice Evelyn! We couldn’t be more in love. I’ll do a longer post about her arrival when I have a bit more time to sit down and write – so maybe a year from now? Kidding! – but I thankfully avoided a repeat of my postpartum experience with Sophie, so I’ve been able to spend the last few weeks enjoying this sweet and tiny baby. Not that everything has been sugar and rainbows so far – we’re definitely still adjusting to being a family of four and having a newborn in the house again. But it’s all worth it. Two girls! I love it.

 Photo by me via Instagram

I’m so excited to dive back into my lovely world of beautiful paper and will be easing myself back into my routine over the next couple of weeks. I’ve got a ton of wedding invitations to share – not to mention 2015 calendars coming at you real soon! But first a huge thanks to the wonderful guest bloggers who helped out while I was away – from Hello!Lucky to Audrey, Erin, Lisa, and all the other amazingly talented mamas – and my wonderful team of contributors! Thank you all a million times over!

Since I haven’t been able to do my normal Friday posts for a few weeks, I thought I’d start off with a few favorite links from the last month:

I’ll be back with more soon!

  1. She’s beautiful! Congrats to you and your family. I have 2 girls about their same ages and it is amazing to see the sisterly bond from the beginning.

  2. Congratulations Nole! She is the most adorable little girl. can’t wait to meet her in person. Enjoy every moment with her!

  3. Congratulations! We just had our second girl in August and we named her Alice too! Enjoy the tiny baby!

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