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Hi everyone! In yesterday’s ‘Day in the Life at Urbanic’ post, I mentioned that some of our back-end creative work that we do is for the events that we host at Urbanic. When Joshua and I first opened the shop, we knew going into it that we wanted events to be a foundational offering of what we were about as a brand. We both love hosting, but even more so, we love watching people come together to get creative and social, forming new relationships in a fun environment. There are so many of us that sit behind a computer all day long, and we wanted to make sure we were creating special opportunities for people to connect and celebrate. Over the past 8 years, we’ve hosted Summer Socials, Winter Socials, blogger meet-ups, book release parties, and have recently added workshops to the mix! Click below for a peek into some of our calligraphy classes!


When we first got these events going they were a TON of work. It was work that we wanted to put in, but extremely hard on our schedules to juggle everything and do it at the creative level that we envisioned. Over the years we discovered that bringing in like-minded sponsors and partners made the whole process so much better on every level! Our collaborations have allowed us to work with the most amazing planners, photographers, florists, caterers, videographers and media sponsors. I’m not going to lie, the events are still a huge undertaking, but the work of all of these talents together makes for the best events! You can click here to see photos from some of our past Urbanic events and if you’d like, and click here to see videos. I’ve attached one of my faves into this post below from a Summer Social.



More coming up tomorrow with 10 tips on opening up a retail shop!

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  1. Whoa, amazing video! I love it! I wish I was in the US so I could come to one of these workshops! I actually am going to learn calligraphy here in London this weekend, I just cannot wait! Your photos are amazing!

      • Oh you are coming, how exciting! You should go to the top of London’s latest building, the Shard, a bit before sunset and you will see the city’s treasures… also Borough Market just next to London Bridge on Saturday morning for good food! And Columbia road flower market on Sunday morning. Otherwise pop over to Regent’s or St James park, both amazing to see! Shoreditch is a great area for shops and cafes too and also night life. For more I would suggest the blog of Rosie, she has a big list of good cafes and restaurants! Xx

  2. Urbanic is the dear heart of Abbot Kinney. They have such special times and moments that one wants to save their shopping just for them. I look forward, not just to the delightful materials, delightful and functional, I’m using my box of double-ended Perfetto red and black pencils at work today, but to the looks on the faces when I come in. They make me feel I am a Friend. No, they make me know I am one *_* Mary Anne

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