Eva’s Sweet Polka Dot Baby Shower Invitations

How sweet are these polka dot baby shower invitations?? Created by Alex from Goodheart Design for her friend (and fellow designer) Eva Black, the invitations feature a simple black and white color palette (printed on a Gocco!!) and a teeny bit of fern with each envelope. Love!


From Alex: I made these invitations for a baby shower brunch I put on for my good friend Eva Black a little earlier this year. Once Eva and I decided on a fresh and simple greenery themed brunch I got started on making invitations to reflect that theme.


I hand lettered ‘little Babe Brunch’ using gouache to use on the invitation. Then I used my at home Gocco printer to print both the invitation and rsvp on nice thick paper.


After I printed everything Eva and I used little round stamps and stamped the back of each invitation with gold dots as well as added gold streaks to the top of the rsvp. We then added a little piece of fresh greenery with a cute piece of bakers string tied to each invitation.



Thanks Alex!

Photo Credits: Goodheart Design

  1. wondering what was used for those cute gold polka dots/streaks! thinking bout adding the gold streaks to the top of some menu/escort cards .

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