New Giveaway! Paper Party 2014 Tote Bags!

The gift tote bags are always a popular item at my annual Paper Party. I was absolutely thrilled to partner with Zazzle this year – they printed our custom design from Mr. Boddington’s Studio on their eco-friendly 100% cotton tote bags. Oh, and the gift bags were full of lots of great things, too!


This year’s gift bags were stuffed with the most amazing items from some of my favorite stationers: Ladyfingers Letterpress, Moglea, Rifle Paper Co., Wild Ink Press, Emily McDowell, Parrott Design Studio, Hammerpress, Iron Curtain Press, Chronicle Books, Sycamore Street Press, Red Cap Cards, Idlewild Co., Maginating, Oh, Hello Friend, Tattly, Enormous Champion, Antiquaria Design Studio, Albertine Press, Belle & Union, Fig. 2 Design Studio, Mailchimp, Tradeshow BootcampSakura of America, Artifact Uprising, Mohawk, Legion Paper, Minted, Ladies of Letterpress, Postable, Poppin, Liddabits, Alexis Mattox Design, City of Industry, Three Potato Four, Angela Liguori, and a selection of goodies from Etsy Wholesale sellers!



The 125 party gift bags may have disappeared in under 15 minutes, but you’re in luck – because today I’m giving away a tote bag full of stationery awesomeness to to five lucky readers!


To enter, just leave a comment below – any comment! You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 2, 2014 to enter the giveaway. Five winners will be selected randomly and will each receive one tote bag. Bonne chance!






Photo Credits: Charlie Juliet Photography

*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Limit one entry per person. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $150 approximate total retail value. Winners will be contacted via email after comments close.

  1. I can’t imagine all the goodness in this little bag! Thanks for offering the give-away!!

  2. I am loving all these samples! Paper is so important to me as a graphic designer, I love everything print! It makes my heart bleed that there is such a huge push towards digital and in turn the paper industry is taking a bit of a hit. For me discovering a new type of beautiful paper, or an artfully designed piece of stationery is like opening presents on Christmas morning. I love being able to feel the texture of the paper. Paper can completely transform a piece, and I always take a great deal of time choosing the right type of paper for my design projects. I would love to see everything that is inside these tote bags!!

  3. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is the greatest gift bag in all of time. I would LOVE one of these. Thanks for saving five of them 🙂

  4. Wow, this is amazing! Receiving this would be a 1000 times more exciting that a kid opening gifts on Christmas. That would sum up my experience 🙂

  5. Five lucky winners…my five lucky fingers are crossed that one of the bags gets to come home with me.

  6. Oh, I would be the happiest girl in the world to win this giveaway! The bags are so beautiful and the contents — oh my!

  7. I love this! Fabulous inspiration and I can just image all of the fun I would have using these items! xx

  8. Wow so many beautiful things in the tote bag! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these!

  9. Wow! These bags have so much awesome inside them! I’m doing a temporary move for the summer and could so use all these goodies while I’m away from my stash.

  10. what a fantastic gift bag & giveaway! *fingers crossed* that one of these bags comes home with me!

  11. Wish I could have attended the party. Looked amazing…I heart paper and!!!

  12. Thanks for all the pics from the NSS 2014 and this great giveaway. I hope that stationers will also bring back beautifully made writing paper as well as keep creating lovely cards.

  13. Thanks so much for the wonderful overview of the National Stationery Show. I’ve been loving all the details and can’t wait for many of these products to reach the stores. As an avid paper enthusiast, your tote is adorable and I’d love to have the chance to win one! ~ Julie

  14. Seeing these ongoing images from NSS makes me feel like I should have chosen the paper industry for my career, instead of media relations! What a fun time it must have been — and love, love, LOVE all these creative designs.

  15. Love the blog and love the NSS summaries. They alert me of so many shops I had no idea of!

  16. I love this blog and all the wonderful paper that you spotlight. I’d be delighted to win the assortment! and thanks for the stationary show updates – i was unable to make it this year, and love seeing your photos!

  17. I look forward to your National Stationary Shows updates every year. My Etsy favorited stores jumps significantly!

  18. I would be delighted to be the lucky winner of this fancy swag bag!! please pick me!!!

  19. oh i would love to win this! i couldn’t make the party this year as i just gave birth to my little one. we are sitting here catching up on all the nss news. thanks for the amazing recap!

  20. I have been meaning to start a mission to send more mail to friends and family – and this would be a great reason to start! All the goods look amazing!

  21. HOLY. MOLY. That bag looks AMAZING. Squeel – I would self-admittedly squeal with absolute delight!

  22. you’re blog inspires me… EVERY DAY! Thank you! And i would bust out some serious happy dancing if i won. What a great giveaway! holy smokes.

  23. amazing tote with the most amazing goods inside! thanks so much for this giveaway! crossing my fingers..

  24. I LOVE the birthday card with the orange cat – especially since my birthday is next week! 🙂

  25. I never even knew that the National Stationary Show existed before I started reading Oh So Beautiful Paper and now I’m obsessed! My goal in life is to attend someday and get to come to the Paper Party!

  26. I found your blog through the LWA, and can I just say that I have such ENVY that you got to go to the show. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Have an awesome day.

  27. OH my sweet goodness… in love with these designs! There is something so special about an actual hand written card. Thanks for the rad chance!!

  28. Everything is so adorable & fun! What an amazing bundle to give away: it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

  29. Now this is my kind of giveaway! Cool stationery and an awesome tote!!! All my favorite things.

  30. I’m super obsessed with all things stationery #paperholic #obsessed #love
    Your blog is so pretty and am so glad I’ve found it through Twitter!
    Thank you

  31. Wow! This is a beautiful and incredible collection of paper goodies! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Oh my! This is amazing! Thanks so much for the opportunity! Would be so excited to win!

  33. What a great giveaway! I would love pretty much every single thing in this bag! 🙂

  34. What a great giveaway – I already feel like I was there through your recaps and if I win it’ll feel like I WAS there! Thanks!

  35. A giveaway that I would be so THRILLED to win. I never can afford to walk the show, for me it would be like being there.
    Pick me, Please XOXO.🐝

  36. Eeeeee! Ive been following your blog for a few years and its my DREAM to attend NSS at least once in my life!!!

  37. What an amazing selection! I’m always starry-eyed at the beautiful goodies you find and curate from artists and vendors all over the web. Hope luck is on my side!

  38. What a treasure trove of paper-y goodness!! I’d love to win & share with my paper-loving crew. Love the blog!

  39. Thank you for taking us along on this trip to the paper store adventure ~ it was the next best thing to being there in person!

  40. I love this blog! In my area there aren’t many boutiques in existence or stores that offer stationery so I don’t get a chance to see all this pretty paper in person! Thanks for posting!

  41. Thank you so much for the photos. And for stashing some bags away for your loyal readers!

  42. In the age of social media, I often feel old-fashioned when I still send out cards and hand-written notes. As a writer, I think there is just something whimsical about the idea. I would love to make use of these goodies!

  43. Love, love, love everything in this bag! Great put together Noel! Lots of lovely things and great things for inspiration! Nothing like reading your ‘oh so beautiful’ blog and goodies to make a paper/design nerds day!

  44. wow- so much awesome stuff all together and such having pretty paper goods makes it so much easier to send a card instead of a text or email. everyone likes getting mail so much!

  45. Everything looks great in that bag. I’d hope to win because I couldn’t make it to the show this year. Thanks so much for all your inspiration.

  46. Each year I look forward to the National Stationery Show, not only for the show itself but for the photos you take and post as well. They’re always so beautiful and this year you’re giving away an awesome tote bag full of stationers and companies I love and follow each week! Thanks for the opportunity (and may the odds be ever in my favor ;))!

  47. My girlfriend would love something like this. She loves paper and all things associated with it!

  48. In love with all things paper and stationary!! This tote bag would be well loved 🙂

  49. My daughter’s birthday is coming up and she would love a gift like this. Thanks!

  50. Oh love love all of them. Would be really happy to get this 🙂 Thanks so much..!

  51. This is a unique opportunity and I would love to win a bag! You’re awesome for thinking of your readers in this way!

  52. I am ABSOLUTELY dying to get my hands on one of these (Please and Thank You)…Looking forward to seeing who wins! 🙂

  53. My sister is currently out of the country and asked if I could enter this for her. Super cool!

  54. Would love to win this bag of goodies. <3 I've been loving your recaps of the event and discovering new stationery, cards & paper goods! Love! <3

  55. The “You make me feel so very pretty” card is my favorite! Love it!

  56. Me winning one of the bags is equivalent to my 3 year old winning a bag full of my little ponies! So excited!

  57. HOLY COW. I was late to the party and missed out on the tote – thanks for this extra chance to grab one! Fingers crossed!

  58. Because as corny as it sounds- I could do with a break! And Id love to win something, would mega cheer me up 🙂

  59. such. a. good. giveaway! I was at NSS but unable to go to the paper party, so I would LOVE to get one of these bags!

  60. Please oh please I hope I’m a lucky winner, Oh So Beautiful Paper! Kinda like Christmas in May?! I promise to put to good use everything in this great bag…

  61. This would totally make me feel so much better after the day I’ve had :/

  62. Ooh, so exciting! I was bummed to miss out on a super sweet stationery stuffed goody bag this year. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! xo

  63. Thank you Oh So Beautiful Paper for providing so much inspiration! I letterpressed my own wedding invitations and your website helped me out so much. Stay gorgeous!

  64. I just ordered my first letterpressed announcements they were stunning. I’m hooked, would love to win ! Thanks for the opportunity !

  65. Awesomeness in a bag! Paper, products and prettiness – oh my Oh So Beautiful! Someone will be happy, happy, happy! Maybe me or someone I know??? Can I be that lucky? Hope so!

  66. Ahhhhhhh! This is so awesome! It would totally make my day/week/life to win one of these! I love Oh So Beautiful Paper! and check it every morning! Keep up the amazing work!

  67. I have a notebook from Olmsted-Kirk that says “Don’t get between a Designer and their Paper” and I have to agree! Us designers have a love for paper that few can describe. I love visiting your blog and am always excited to see what you feature!

  68. Such a spectacular spread! I am already dreaming of all the gorgeous outgoing snail mail from my house… XO

  69. Beautiful paper products from an amazing selection of artists – I couldn’t be more excited about this giveaway! It’s the perfect way to wrap up your fantastic NSS coverage.

  70. Would love to win this, I’m in the very beginning process of wedding planning! Thank you for this opportunity!

  71. Oo doggies! Love is not a strong enough word to describe how i feel about all them goodies! Pick me!

  72. This would totally make up for me missing the NSS this year (new baby kept me away)! I have such a love for all things paper and this would certainly feed the addiction 🙂

  73. I’m in love with all the lettering!! Especially “I hope you like this stupid card.” Completely giggle-worthy.

  74. What an amazing giveaway! I stalked that #NSS2014 hashtag during the whole show and I’m so excited to see some of my favorite designers featured here. I love this blog so much! It’s the highlight of my RSS feed reader.

  75. What a fun giveaway! I loved all the photos from the paper party, and this would be such a treat to have. Thanks for all the recaps!

  76. I absolutely want this so bad!!! Love everything that it has inside. Smiling right now.

  77. This is seriously like a dream in a bag for me! I just all things stationary!

  78. LOVING the national stationary show coverage on the blog. It’s introduced me to so many new retailers!

  79. LOVING the national stationary show coverage on the site. It’s introduced me to so many new amazing retailers!

  80. I think going to the annual paper party would be the ultimate heaven but a good bag would definitely be the next best – stationery……..mmmmmmm…drooooooooooooool

  81. Oooohhhh, I love everything! I live in Middlebury, Vermont and will light up this small town if I were to win one of your bags!!

  82. Ooo! What a treat to receive such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed! Love seeing the wrap up from NSS!

  83. I would just love to win. I am developing my stationery business and this would just put me over the moon. The end. 🙂

  84. OMG happiness wrapped up in a magical bag!! Fingers and toes crossed!
    (LOVE this blog!)

  85. Absolutely loving the colors, prints, and designs of these stationary sets. How fun!

  86. HUGE paper fan! I would love to win this gift! Great give away! Thank you.

  87. Oooh what a dream! The closest I will ever get to my dream of gawking in person at the NSS!

  88. Thanks for sharing all of the new paper from the show! This bag looks like a great prize.

  89. This is such a great giveaway! I arrived at Paper Party JUST as the bags ran out, and cannot believe all the AWESOME goods packed inside. Excited at the chance to win!

  90. I adore paper and letter writing and all that is beautiful. This bag of goodies looks like a little bit of heaven!

  91. Love the beautiful stationary and goodies. I would love to win this gorgeous bag!

  92. What a dream!! I love paper more then anything! I would LOVE to play with this amazing tote bag! It would probably take me a month to enjoy each little thing as I pull it out of the bag. Love it! I would love to go to your party next year too!

  93. So many wonderful items in this gift bag! I can hardly imagine the passion that has been poured into each of these products.

  94. i need more paper goods like i need a hole in my head but i cannot stop… love, love, love and especially love beautiful design and a thoughtful card/thank you note… :O)

  95. Wow! Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would love to win (and then send to those I love) some of these awesome cards!

  96. These cards are really beautiful! I love the adventure card! I love the starry night!

  97. Always sad to miss the party, but have to get back to the store during the busy bridal season. Thanks for keeping us updated on things we missed at the show (and the opportunity to enjoy the spoils!)

  98. Oh. My. Gosh. May Lady Luck be on my side – that would be the best mail day ever to find that tote in my box!

  99. I spy vintage stamps!! Everything in the 2014 Paper Party tote bag looks too cute! Each piece is so inspiring 🙂 This is an awesome giveaway! YAY OhSoBeautifulPaper!!

  100. They look so PRETTY!!!! Praying to the random number generator gods that I’ll get picked 🙂

  101. There are truly no words that could adequately describe how excited I’d be if I was one of the five lucky winners.

  102. I’d be totally piped if I was picked for this paper prize! Thanks for the chance to win. How fun!

  103. Long live paper! I would love to win, and congratulations to the lucky few who do!

  104. I am a total paper nerd and love everything about this giveaway! Fingers crossed. xoxo

  105. This would be an amazing package to receive in the mail! I would absolutely love to win one! I already follow a lot of these brands–especially Oh, Hello Friend. Golly! I so want to win!

  106. I absolutely love everything paper. I’ve been so inspired by all of these posts, I’m going to make my own wedding invitations. Thank you!!

  107. I would get SO EXCITED if I found out I was a winner! The bag and contents look amazing.

  108. It’s my dream to go to the stationery show someday and this is an amazing collection! I love your posts about the show! So much beautiful talent!

  109. Ohh, yes please! Thanks for sharing the beauty so the rest of us can get a taste (cue salivations).

  110. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blogging about the National Stationary Show. ALl of the vendors you profiled do amazing work. I can’t wait to start ordering all of the darling paper goods! Great work!

  111. “Somebody has to win these things. Someday it’ll be me!” — a friend of mine. I think she’s right. 🙂

  112. I love paper! I will share with my classmates =)thank you for sharing all photos from trade show.

  113. Oh my god! i would love to get my hands on these!!! please please please lpick me!

  114. Oh. man. I was thinking about how much I’d want a tote, and now you’re giving some away! *crosses fingers*

  115. Hello. My name is Shannan. I am a proud Paperphile.
    Oh my. This looks like a Friday night/weekend of fun! Bliss.
    And… bonus! Who doesn’t love a new bag!?

  116. Ahh all the beautiful goodies! Seriously looks like paper heaven! Hope I win this gem! Xoxo

  117. OH MY GOODNESS! Look at all that amazing papery goodness! Crossing all my fingers and toes. If this package arrives in my post box I’ll be doing the happy mail day dance in overdrive!

  118. Its such a wonderful gift! Loving the amazing paper. Hope I get a chance to win this b

  119. Oh sweet paper! My first time missing the NSS in 8 years since leaving my post at Mohawk to start my own design company and I missed the Paper Party (and Goodie bag!) the most! And to think I have a chance at getting it anyway! I don’t think I can sleep until Monday….

  120. Love your coverage of the show! Will make it to the party next year for sure.

  121. Your posts are the closest thing I can get to being there! This prize would give me a little taste of reality.

  122. Your coverage of the NSS is amazing, daunting and so inspiring all at once. My sister and I run a little card company on the side called Ilootpaperie and we just showed at Unique LA this year. Hopefully we will make it to NSS one day! And perhaps even get to meet you. Thank you for sharing all the loveliness so thoroughly! <3 xoxo Ilootpaperie Alice & Doris

  123. What a fantastic gift bag filled with lovely paper goodies! I would feel incredibly to win. I love your blog, it’s a great inspiration to me, keep up the great work!

  124. Loving everything in this amazing gift bag! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely paper goodies. XOXO

  125. I totally hope that I win.
    Thanks for all that you do.
    OSBP is truly an inspiration.

  126. Oh how I would love to receive all these goodies in the mail! As a graphic designer I adore and quite frankly am a little obsessed with all things stationary and typographical. It would be the best day ever getting this in the mail, aside from one day actual being at the national show!

  127. Very thoughtful! Glad you’re able to bring the experience of the stationary show to a lucky few who weren’t able to be there!

  128. Thanks so much for doing this! I love visiting to see all of the exciting and creative work people are doing with paper!

  129. Yowza, those are some awesome gift bags. The NSS looks like a blast and a half. Drooling over the work of these talented people.

  130. Beautiful cards and goodies! I’ve been drooling over all the booths in your NSS posts this last week. Thanks for sharing all of this for those of us who can’t make it to the show.

  131. You might have just changed my life. I am “paper-fascinated”. These samples are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  132. I am late to discovering your blog, but in the last three weeks I have become an avid reader. The photos you post of paper are so gorgeous, but how I would love to actually touch and feel these beautiful products!

  133. What a great idea! I wasn’t able to make it this year and always look forward to the goodies in your awesome gift bags. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  134. OH MY this is heaven for me! absolutely beautiful collection. great idea!!! 😀

  135. I am in awe at all of the delicious, awesomeness that you experienced and have documented from this year’s NSS! I dream that one day I will be there exhibiting too and will be featured! 🙂

  136. ohmygoodness I just pictured myself looking through every item and lots of “oooohs!”and “ahhhhhhs!” I could find such lovely homes for all of this adorableness.

  137. That would be the perfect present for my birthday! wink wink 🙂 I really enjoy reading your blog when I can. I love paper products and especially letterpressed items. I think we need to go back to a world where we write and send cards to people not just impersonal emails. I always am excited to get a something special in the mail. Bills are not special. Can anyone go to that paper show that you went to? or was it just for bloggers, companies etc… So excited for the give away.

  138. I wish I had made it to NSS this year (I was supposed to debut but life happens… ). Looks like a great time was had by all and hopefully I’ll make it next year!

  139. This would be an absolutely DREAM come true! Keeping my fingers crossed, and one year I hope to make to to the NSS!

  140. Oh my goodness, that tote along with all those goodies look like heaven! *fingers crossed*!!!

  141. absolutely fabulous! wishing and dreaming one of the bag comes home to me…a lovely show and tell for my students! 🙂

  142. This bag is like someone read my mind, took everything I love and put in one spot. I would love to get my (calligraphy) inked stained hands on to play!

  143. Thank you for the opportunity! I look forward to checking this blog daily for inspiration!

  144. Everthing in this bag is so beautiful, I can’t contain myself. I want it all!

  145. These are adorable! Perfect for carrying all my drawing supplies and notebooks 🙂

  146. I have to attend the next NSS! I love paper products so much and hope to have my own stationary line one day. Right now I am working on designing an agenda.

  147. Thank you for doing this blog; the NSS looked great. The gift bags look fantastic.

  148. Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! Fingers crossed I’m one of the lucky five to win one!

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