Quick Pick: Moglea Spring Collection

Now that it really feels like Spring, I just want to surround myself with color – I’m so happy to see green, yellow, pink, and purple returning to our neighborhood! I’m a huge fan of the painterly style and whimsical hand lettering of Meg from Moglea. Meg just released a bunch of new cards from her spring collection, and I’m loving all the gorgeous color – from hand painted patterns to bright edge painting (on die cut cards no less!). I can’t wait to see more at the National Stationery Show in just a few weeks!







Lots more in the Moglea etsy shop!

Photo Credits: Moglea

  1. Wow, I am loving all of her new pieces! She has such a great simplistic style while also being so totally bright and fun! So glad I saw these, I’ve got to head over to her site and check all the new arrivals out!

  2. I love her work. She was a year behind me in the graphic design program in college, and I love seeing her work around the web. Talented lady!

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