A Little Announcement

I’m afraid I’ve been keeping a little secret from all of you – we’re expecting a second baby!


I’m due in late September – just after Sophie’s second birthday! – and so far my pregnancy experience has been pretty similar to the first, except of course with the added exhaustion that can only be caused by having a toddler around the house. We’ve shared the news with our families and with Sophie, although we don’t know how much she understands at this age (I’m hopeful the books above will help!). I’m happy to be out of the first trimester and slowly getting back to my normal energy levels, especially with the National Stationery Show coming up in just a few short weeks! We’re both excited to welcome a new baby (we don’t plan to find out if it’s a boy or a girl) and nervous about making the transition from one child to two. I still can’t believe we’re going to be a family of four!

  1. That is incredible news—congratulations, and I applaud you! I’ve got a 2-year old running around and cannot imagine another one yet! Take good care of yourself and I hope you’re not too exhausted during NSS next month. We hope to see you there!

    • Thanks Lisa! To be honest, I can’t really imagine having two either – but we knew from the outset that we wanted our kids to be closer in age than either of us are to our siblings, so we just went for it!

  2. How wonderful, Nole! Congrats to you guys…. After the initial shock (and jealousy), I’m sure Sophie will be the best big sister ever!
    xo jordan, jason (and callum)

    • Thank you so much Melanie! No rest ’til NSS, but after that I’m planning to take a nice long nap. 🙂

  3. that is so strange… with your little pics of Sophie yesterday I thought to myself “I wonder when they’ll have their second?” It must have been hanging in the air 😉 big congrats to you and the family

    • Ha! Strangely enough, we haven’t received any questions along those lines from anyone outside of our immediate families – but I’m sure it would have started fairly quickly after Sophie’s 2nd birthday!

  4. Hooray!!! We are so thrilled for your little family! xoxo

  5. Nole, amazing news (I’m going to be especially shallow but also complimentary when I say I can’t wait to see what the next birth announcement looks like after how amazing the first was!).

    The day that Eve was born we had a family photo taken and Dominic (who is two years and two weeks older) looked entirely crushed and like we’d just ruined his whole world. That having said we have many friends who had girls first who 100% adored the new addition. Every set that had girls first had a great time and had the hardest time fighting them off from wanting to help, vs friends who had boys first who shared experiences of making hand holding look nice to find them crushingly squeezing the babies fingers and so on, I guess boys are more territorial about the whole thing where as girls like having a baby around.

    So much fun ahead of you, its even lovely when you are getting ganged up on as you can see that they are already friends for life. xx

  6. Congratulations!! You will have to tell me how juggling two works. Seems unimaginable to me right now.

    Rest up and enjoy the peace of an only child for the next few months.

    • Thank you Stefanie! I’ll definitely report back on juggling two – and I’ll fully admit to being mildly terrified at the prospect of having a toddler and a newborn at the same time! But we knew we wanted two kids and we wanted them to be close in age, so hopefully we’ll sacrifice a bit of short term parental sanity for long term sibling love. 🙂

      • I thought I’d add in on this thread to say that my personal experience was that a toddler and a baby was the easy part, the first six months was pretty sedate and really quite lovely (we kept saying to ourselves we couldn’t think why we’d found it so hard the first time round, with all of that first time parenting anxiety out the way its a much more fun experience with the second). One crawling and one running, thats the real fun (I had a couple of catch me if you can in opposite direction situations, I’m sure they conspire against me to run circles around me…).
        I have two runners now and it’s so lovely to see them playing and learning together and its moments like them holding hands on the way home from school that are just so adorable and make the squabbling over whose thingy bobber has been wrongly taken amongst a thousand other things worth while.

  7. Aw, yay! Congrats to you three–I’m sure Sophie will be completely enthralled once the new little one arrives. Hope you’re taking the time now to put your feet up! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks and introduce you to my little Beatrice!

  8. That is truly exciting news! I hope you feel great and have an easy rest of the way. Maybe I’ll run into you at NSS. Congrats!

  9. So excited for your family! We had our Anna a month or so before Sofie and we are also expecting our second (in Nov.)… Crazy times ahead!!! Congrats!

  10. Congrats Nole! This just reminded me of when I first met you at NSS 2012-tiny pregnant lady with a big belly in front and big backpack on back –such a trooper- I couldn’t believe it! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you next month! Congrats & enjoy this exciting time!

  11. Wow! That’s amazing! Congratulations to you!
    It’s so funny, my first baby was born in October 2012, and now I’m due in the late October. We are always in the same shoes.:)

  12. Congrats!!!!! I guess I won’t be the only one at NSS sporting a belly, i’m due in September too, and have a 1 ½ year old at home right now. They will be 22 months apart. Same reason as you, didn’t want them to be too apart, but still can’t see myself with to small kids running around! Sending you a big Good luck from Canada 😉

  13. Wahoo!! So excited for you Nole. Such an amazing next step in your little adventure! Lots of positivity and love headed your way! xo

  14. Congratulations Nole and your growing family…what awesome news! Looking forward to meeting you at the NSS!

    • Hi Kerry! My due date is the last week of September, but for personal reasons I’d rather not share the exact date. Plus, if my experience with Sophie is any indication, this baby will come earlier than the due date – so it’s more of a goal than an actual due date. 🙂

      • Nole, thanks so much for your candid response. I totally understand keeping things under wraps. I hope your second trimester is treating you well and I look forward to the family-related pieces you share in the interim. Cheers!

  15. Congratulations and very best wishes. I hope you can find time to continue your blog but fully understand if you can’t. I look forward to hearing if you have a boy or girl.

    • Thank you so much! I have absolutely no intention to stop blogging – I’ll take a short maternity leave (just as I did when my first child was born), with guest bloggers to help fill in while I’m away, but I can never stay away for long. I love my job!

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