Welcome to the new OSBP!


Hello, and welcome to the new OSBP! You may notice that things look a bit different over here today (and for those of you reading through a reader or via email, click on through to check it out!).

This change has been a long time coming, and I’m thrilled to finally share our new look with you – I hope you like it as much as I do! I was thrilled to work with Liz from Linda & Harriett, who contributed her beautiful hand lettering and illustrations to the new design, and Eli Van Zoeren, who worked his magic to bring our design to life on screen – including our first ever responsive (and mobile friendly) design!

We’ve also updated the navigation to make it easier to find content and move around the site, updated the Designer Rolodex (featuring a brand new logo by Meant to Be Calligraphy), and made our curated shopping galleries front and center with the new Market List section. Have fun exploring!

  1. Hi Nole, love it.
    My main comment is that the top advertising bar really detracts and it may have been better to go from pale to bold on the colour as you see “Oh so beaut…” that seems to taper attention off to the ad bar. Just my opinion, not sure if others see the same but thought I’d mention.
    Especially love the “Featured in the Rolodex” writing.
    Can’t remember if the comments were pale grey before but I’m struggling to read what I’m writing (man am I getting old, that or just spending too much time in front of a screen).
    I sound like a horrid person and probably it’s not really any of my business but I always like people to look their best and if I can help with that am happy, I mean well and wish you all the best. x

  2. Beautiful new site! Many congrats – especially on the responsive design. I’m in school right now for web design so I know how much goes into creating a responsive site. Kudos to the designers and programmers! And I love Linda & Harriet so naturally I adore the watercolor logo as well. A+ work all around!!

  3. So gorgeous, Nole — love the new look and am particularly pleased about the added mobile optimization. Hooray! xo

  4. Wow! I am absolutely in love with the new look! The colours are so beautiful and happy and fresh, and the design is just lovely. The ombre, painted/watercolour header is absolutely gorgeous. Love x

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