DIY Tutorial: Dye Painted Napkins

Beautiful cloth napkins are definitely one of my weaknesses. They’re  functional but add style and charm to a table. I also think they make great hostess gifts, because it’s the kind of thing people often don’t buy for themselves. Whether you’re looking to add more cloth napkins to your collection or on the hunt for the perfect hostess gift, these DIY napkins are perfect…and quick. All it takes is a little dye and a load of laundry to create a set of completely custom, one-of-a-kind napkins perfect for a Spring table.  – Mandy of Fabric Paper Glue

DIY Dye Painted Napkins OSBP 1DIY Dye Painted Napkins OSBP 2

DIY Dye Painted Napkins OSBP Materials

white cotton napkins
liquid dye (I used navy blue.)
pointed-tip paint brush

DIY Dye Painted Napkins OSBP Step 1

Step One: Dip the paint brush directly into the liquid dye, and paint small crosses onto the napkins. I painted four rows of crosses onto one edge of each napkin. Don’t overthink it and try to hard to make them perfect and consistent. The charm comes from the casual and free form strokes. Make sure you put a drop cloth or some other surface protector underneath your napkins as you paint them.

DIY Dye Painted Napkins OSBP Step 2DIY Dye Painted Napkins OSBP Step 3

Step Two: After the dye has dried (approximately 30 minutes), rinse each of the napkins out in cold water. Be sure to rinse them out individually or you’ll rinse the dye from one right onto another.

Step Three: Launder the napkins in cold water. Dry them, and give them a press.

Pair them with a beautiful Spring table, or bundle them with a pretty little ribbon for a thoughtful hostess gift.

DIY Dye Painted Napkins OSBP 3

DIY Dye Painted Napkins OSBP 6DIY Dye Painted Napkins OSBP 5

DIY Dye Painted Napkins OSBP 4

Photo Credits: Mandy Pellegrin for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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