Hello Brick & Mortar: Real Customers, Love Multiplies Love

In early February of 2005, I stood in line at a post office in Washington, DC with a stack of envelopes sandwiched between my hands and my chin. The lady in front of me turned and said “Well, don’t you have a lot of sweethearts!” It made me ineffably happy. It was the end of my third year of law school and I was doing fine, in the sense that your third year is your last year. But I had spent a week on my floor making 50+ valentines with the sneaking suspicion about happiness and where I might find it. The moral of this story is: I am a ridiculous fan of Valentine’s Day and it comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that I’m no longer practicing law. – Emily of Clementine


Illustration by Emily McDowell for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Makers, the cards this year are truly amazing. I purchased about 1/8 of what I wanted. Here are the first round of Valentine’s Day picks from my fantastic customers. The second round comes on February 13-14th (you’ll notice, there are only two dudes in this post and they’re both under 3).


Deina & Elliot ~ Macon York, I’m Still In Love With You, a love note to Deina’s husband in the weeks before their 2nd baby!


Anne ~ OSBPLoveDrea

Drey ~ Sycamore Street Press, Friends Forever, sending the same note to two friends, both in love transitions to remind them of their bond as friends.


Adrienne & Jack ~ Betsy Ann Press, xoxo, for Jack’s older sister who gives him endless hugs and kisses.


Kate ~Belle & Union, Bushel and a Peck, for her husband, a song they sing to their twin boys.


Katie ~ Mr. Boddington, I would go anywhere with you. True words, for her husband.


Lucy ~ May Day Studio, You are my sunshine, a song she and her fiancé sing to each other.


Marshall ~ Scout’s Honor Co, Perfect Pair, for her boyfriend who said no Valentine gift, but he wears these shoes, so…


Rachel ~ Rifle Paper Co, You’re a Fox, for her girlfriend, who loves foxes, has fox gloves and saw a fox on her walks back home. In conclusion, foxy.


Sas ~ Happy Cactus, Fruity Valentines, sweet hellos for her nieces and nephews.


Nan ~ Anemone Press, a card for her mother, who is!


Ilana ~ Banquet, Neon Heart, the ultimate Valentine.

Love to you of you; makers, buyers, lovers. Now go, send your cards, slip your notes. Send them to your sweetheart, your long lost loves and anyone and everyone who fits into your heart. Go forth and multiply that love.

  1. What a lovely and inspiring collection! I’m so glad my daughter and I have plans to make valentine’s day cards tonight; you got me in the mood!
    –Nikki (who has a very similar story about law school and a creative path!)

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