Vivi Mae’s Peach + Gold Birth Announcements

Happy Monday everyone! For those of you not enjoying a long weekend, I thought I’d start the week with these beautiful peach and gold baby announcements from Val Marie Paper! After welcoming her first child – an adorable daughter named Vivienne Mae – Valerie drew inspiration from gold envelope liners for the birth announcements. Valerie made sure to include Vivi’s stats and a photo of the happy new family of three while also conveying Vivi’s nickname to friends and family. So sweet!


From ValerieAs a designer, I had been eyeing some beautiful envelope liners from Paper Source and knew they would be perfect for Vivi’s peach and gold color palette. From there, I teamed up with Katherine Holly to calligraph Vivi’s name. We wanted to incorporate a few fun aspects knowing many of our friends and family had met Vivi before they received the announcements. We included some of Vivi’s nicknames during the first few weeks. She has even more now!


We also wanted to include a photo our new little family. I know when I see friends with new little ones, I always love to see photos of the parents too in their new element. And this being the year of Prince Edward, I thought it would be fun to add a little seal of Vivi’s initials that we can use on future designs. Not quite as fancy as the future king of England’s but fun nonetheless!





Part of our challenge was including her full name but letting people know what we would be calling her. Creating a two-sided card with her full name and info on the back seemed like the best solution for us!



Thanks Valerie!

Design: Val Marie Paper

Newborn Photo: Ell Photography

Calligraphy: Katherine Holly

Photo Credits: Val Marie Paper

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