Sophie Style: Shoes!

Sophie’s daycare requires that she wear hard sole shoes, relegating our favorite pair of moccasins to weekend-only use. Which means I’ve spent a fair amount of time looking for cute infant sneakers that aren’t covered in butterflies or doomed by gaudy color combinations. Sophie is starting to outgrow her first pair of sneakers, so I’m on the hunt for a couple of new pairs along with some sandals to use when the weather warms up in a few months. Here are a few of my favorites!


1. Vans Hi-Tops; 2. Sperry Top Sider for J.Crew Baby (and pretty much the cutest thing ever); 3. Puma (we do have these, and the color is so great in person!); 4. Pons Avarcas; 5. Adidas; 6. Saltwater Sandals

p.s. More of my favorite things for babies and toddlers here!

  1. Hi Nole.

    Some great choices there.

    Obviously every child is different but based on my two… Don’t bother going there with the summer shoes yet. By the time you get to using them she’ll be out of them and on to the next size. Those little feet are going to grow so quickly, Eve managed to outgrow some in 6 weeks around the same age.

    Those Saltwater Sandals are adorable. I must admit, we’ve found it far easier to get Dominic shoes than we ever have Eve for the same reasons as you mentioned. I refuse to put her in anything that is that vile puce pink that all stores seem to think girls should live in. I was never keen from a looks stand point but must admit that as far as summer shoes go, its Crocs all the way. Easy for her to learn to put her own shoes on (speeds up that 45 mins just to get out the house when you used to spend ten as a couple) and if they get mucky, throw them in the washing machine and they look good as new. They have become a must in our house for the kids over summer as they are great for wearing on the beach and and in the sea too (they worry about their toes being nipped by crabs!). I still don’t like the look of them much but the functionality wins out.

    As for trainers, have you thought about a little pair of Converse? They do some really cool colours and styles. The only other places I can think to suggest are UK specific brands, sorry.

    Hope you find something nice, a girls gotta have her shoes!


    • Hi Nicole,

      Thank you so much! I didn’t even think about toddler Crocs – but I’ve heard other moms rave about them and it makes total sense. I’m planning to wait until we’re a bit closer to warm weather to actually purchase those shoes, so for now I’m mostly just looking around to get a sense of my options. Sophie is generally smaller than most of the clothing and shoe sizes for her age group, so I’ve learned not to buy things too early or they might not be appropriate for the season!

      I also cannot WAIT to get Sophie her first pair of Converse – I’m wearing my own favorite high top Converse right now! But I’m thinking I’ll probably wait until she’s in preschool… right now the velcro strap sneakers are perfect for our routine.

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