Seasonal Stationery: 2014 Calendars, Part 6

If you’re like me, you look forward to hanging a brand new calendar (or four) on the wall each January. But in case you’re still searching for your perfect 2014 calendar, I thought I’d help start the new year by pulling together a few more options from the full 2014 calendar round up!


1. Sesame Letterpress; 2. Pressbound; 3. Prismatic Print Shop; 4. Paper Boat Studios; 5. Linea Carta

More calendar posts right here – or you can check out the full 2014 calendar round up right here!

{images via their respective sources}

  1. I looove the lobster one.
    For the first time in so long, I have the courage to actually write a comment, and share with you my 2014 calendar. Only if you are interested, you can visit my website to see it!

  2. I saw Prismatic Print Shop’s astrology calendar on Etsy the other day! It is just gorgeous! Seeing it here reminded me of it – I may have to hop on over and make a purchase. 🙂

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