Pretty Paper in the Office: Letter Trays

After having faced the task of cleaning up my desk for the new year, I noticed there were a lot of loose sheets (envelopes, bills and the like) floating around;  some of it I needed now, some I would need later. The simplest solution for this problem is one I was pretty excited to shop for. Letter trays are an easy way of corralling everything you need into one place, while allowing you to organize what it’s for or when you’ll need it. Here is a round up of letter trays that will have you and your desk organized all year long. – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office: Letter Tray Round Up via Oh So Beautiful Paper

No. 1 Letter trays by ferm LIVING; No. 2 DOKUMENT letter tray by IKEA; No. 3 Network stacking letter tray from The Container Store; No. 4 Handcarved stacking tray from Anthropologie; No. 5 KVISSLE letter tray by IKEA; No. 6 Vintage letter basket from See Jane Work

 {images via their respective sources}

  1. I love this round up! 3. is such a classic, but I really love 2. I’m on such a kick of adding pops of pink to my space lately. I can’t remember the last time I was so into girly details but I’m pretty sure it was high school… 😉

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