Constance + Fahri’s Elegant Wedding Dinner Invitations

I love the idea of turning a small, intimate wedding into a multi-day extravaganza with your closest family and friends. And that’s exactly what this bride and groom did – in New York City! They turned to designer Sue Corral, known for her classic and minimalist style, to help with the invitations… but they didn’t stop with the wedding invitation. Sue also designed separate invitations for five dinner parties at a different NYC landmark restaurant. Quite the challenge for Sue, but such a fun idea!


From Sue: I designed this invitation for a 5-day wedding extravaganza in New York City. Each night, the bride and groom invited their guests (family and close friends) to an intimate dinner at a different New York City landmark restaurant topping it all off with a Saturday evening wedding at The St. Regis. The bride and groom requested a separate invitation for each dinner but still wanted everything to be cohesive and coordinated. Overall, they asked that the design be formal, traditional, luxurious, and elegant.


A box seemed like the perfect package to hold the invitations. The guests stayed at the St. Regis, so the invitation box was part of the welcome basket waiting for them when they arrived at their rooms. The invitations were stacked neatly inside the box and wrapped with an onion skin belly band. The box itself was tied with a gold satin ribbon.



Each invitation used the same color palette and typography, but had a different decorative corner motif framing the text. The style of the corners and the full bleed back patterns on the back of each invitation matched the style and decor of the different restaurants. 


For the actual wedding invitation, we designed a monogram for the motif that we were able to used sprinkled throughout the 5 day event on all sorts of other items, like place cards, coasters and mini champagne labels – even fire branded wooden gift tags.



Thanks so much Sue!

Photo Credits: Design Corral

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