Paula + Bryan’s Whimsical Floral Wedding Invitations

These stunning wedding invitations from Belinda Love Lee feature whimsical hand lettering paired with watercolor illustrations! Created for her brother’s wedding this past summer, Belinda was inspired by the vineyard wedding venue to incorporate vine illustrations along with floral details. Hand lettering (by the bride!) in white ink on the kraft envelopes was the perfect finishing touch!


From Belinda: Paula and Bryan’s wedding invitations are very dear to my heart because I had the privilege of designing for my very own brother’s special day. The invitations were inspired by the vineyard wedding venue. We definitely had to incorporate vines of some sort into the design.



I hand illustrated the vines and flowers using gauche and watercolor, then paired it along side some whimsical hand lettering to make it really unique and individual to them. They wanted the invitations to have a good balance of elegant and rustic elements. The envelopes themselves were penned by the bride to give a personal touch for each guest.



Prior to the wedding we designed a wedding website for guests to read their love story and submit rsvps. It was really awesome to see my design not only on paper but on screen!



The programs I designed for the day were not only pretty but also very functional as we added little handles, making them into fans for guests to use on that warm day.



Thanks Belinda!

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Photo Credits: Belinda Love Lee

  1. my sister’s pretty awesome isn’t she?

    but still the wife’s calligraphy is pretty darn bomb too.

  2. The program handles are brilliant! The envelope lettering is beautiful, but I would worry that it wouldn’t get delivered since it’s so hard to read. Have you heard of that happening from clients who went for beautiful hand calligraphy?

    • Hi Beth! I can speak from experience, having mailed several pieces of calligraphed correspondence. Every single piece has made it to its intended destination! The Post Office can definitely handle all kinds of calligraphy styles when delivering mail.

      • That is so good to hear! It’s so nice when you hear something positive associated with mail delivery. 🙂

  3. Wow – the invites are gorgeous and the calligraphy is the perfect finishing touch. Sounds like a cliche but it’s true – they look beautiful. Yes Bryan, your wife is pretty awesome 🙂

    … and yes, calligraphy is fine for sending invitations etc. through the post. Two things to watch out for if anyone’s thinking of hiring a calligrapher or learning:

    1. The house name or number must be crystal clear. Watch for 1s that look like 7s and if you’re not sure, don’t embellish simple numbers. Clarity is more important than a fancy flourish

    2. The zip code / post code should be the most legible thing on the envelope. Again make sure the numbers and letters aren’t overly flourished here.

    I guess it’s the same in the US as in the UK – envelopes are sent through the postal system and usually go through machine readers. If the machine can’t read the address they’re sorted by hand. I assume this is the route most calligraphied envelopes take. So you’re relying on a human being – imagine it’s your post man – to read the calligraphy. This person will be very used to reading all kinds of lettering, but they see thousands of letters… so as long as they can read everything on your envelope, you’ll be fine!

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