Thomas’s Western Rodeo 2nd Birthday Party Invitations

Happy Monday everyone! I thought I’d kick the week off with these too-cute-for-words birthday party invitations from the ladies of Vellum & Vogue! Inspired by vintage fabric, the suite features a wood engraved invitation that evokes heat branding, wood tags with the image of a cowboy, and burlap ribbon. So fun!


From Alana + Krystal of Vellum & Vogue: Dana came to us looking for a unique and festive invitation for her son’s 2nd birthday. The overall theme of the party was inspired by a vintage rodeo fabric she fell in love with. Once we laid our eyes on the unique textile, we knew we had to incorporate it into the invitation.


We decided to create a custom fabric backer for the invitation, which highlighted one of the many rodeo-inspired vignettes found within the fabric. To complement the Western theme, we engraved the invitation design onto a solid cedar wood stock and kept the burn markings to mimic the look of heat branding. We then wrapped the invitation in a wide burlap-style ribbon and finished the look with small wood tags bearing the image of a cowboy.  

Western-2nd-Birthday-Party-Invitations-Vellum-Vogue7 Western-2nd-Birthday-Party-Invitations-Vellum-Vogue8


Each invitation was packaged in a kraft box, sealed with a wraparound address label and mailed with Western-inspired postage.


Thanks Alana + Krystal!

Photo Credits: Vellum & Vogue