Quick Pick: Power + Light Press State Prints

I really cannot resist a good map or state print. I’d love to have a gallery wall just of prints from every state I’ve ever visited. Hopefully someday! Right now I’m loving these letterpress state prints from Kyle at Power & Light Press. Each print is inspired by souvenir magnets, which I’m guessing Kyle collected during her cross country adventures with her Moveable Type truck. So great!

Letterpress-State-Prints-Alaska-Power-and-Light-Press Letterpress-State-Prints-Idaho-Power-and-Light-Press

Letterpress-State-Prints-Nebraska-Power-and-Light-Press Letterpress-State-Prints-South-Dakota-Power-and-Light-Press

Letterpress-State-Prints-Texas-Power-and-Light-Press Letterpress-State-Prints-Oklahoma-Power-and-Light-Press

More prints (and even more to come!) over at Power & Light Press!

Photo Credits: Power & Light Press

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