Folk Art-Inspired Birth Announcements

How adorable are these folk art-inspired birth announcements from Jackie of 42 Pressed? Jackie designed a beautiful floral border that combines folk art and nature-inspired influences, all letterpress printed in complementing shades of green and blue. The new parents also included a kraft paper tag with a quick life update for family and friends. Such a great idea!


From Jackie: Designing a custom baby announcement is definitely one of my favorite things because it’s so personal. When a designer can hit it right for their client, and their aesthetics seem to match, the result is normally pretty incredible. The mother really wanted something that had a folk-woodsy-flora feel to announce her daughter without it being overtly feminine. She wanted there to be a balance of soft and feminine while still remaining very natural and woodsy.


I always really like to design for overprinting when something is going to be letterpress printed; I think it adds great depth and a little pop of color without it being too much. We chose an olive green color and a soft blue, which enabled us to print the olive green over the soft blue without the colors competing with each other. We also printed a kraft tag that was designed to be sent along with the baby announcement, as a sort of “update” on what has been going on in their busy lives recently. That tag needed to be simple and clean to compliment the announcement. All pieces were designed and letterpress printed in house. 


Thanks Jackie!

Photo Credits: 42 Pressed

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