DIY Tutorial: Patterned Photo Mats

Photo frame mats are not something that we usually give much thought to until we’re at the framer facing the dilemma of which one to choose. Typically, we just end up with black or white, since the fancy ones (of the few cools ones they actually have) are way more expensive. We love this project because the possibilities are endless and it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes! – Bailey and Emma of Antiquaria

Step One: Start off by cutting vertical strips of your patterned text-weight paper (we used our Paloma Coral Pattern and Chloe Pink Pattern) in 2 inch x 11 inch pieces. You can adjust this if you have a much smaller or larger mat.

Step Two: Take your strips, one at a time and spray the back with spray adhesive. Working your way around the mat, lay the strips down, aligning them with the inner mat edge that is bevelled.

DIY Tutorial: Patterned Frame Mats by Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Step Three: Trim off the excess paper from the outer edge of your mat by using a craft knife. This can be done without the aid of a ruler since the mat material is very firm.

Step Four: To give polish to your mat design, you’ll want to miter the corners. To do this, line your ruler on the outer and inner corner of the mat (so it will be done four times). Make a cut with a craft knife through the top layer of paper (not too hard or you’ll damage the mat).

Step Five: After making the cut, you’ll simple peel off the top corner excess to reveal a gorgeous miter. Repeat for all corners and your mat is complete! Now all that’s left is to add some artwork and add them to your wall.

Using coordinating patterns is a fun way to accent a cluster of artwork. Use them inside a frame…or on their own held up by decorative washi tape.

When stacked, the two coordinating patterns yield a different, more subtle (but equally as fabulous) look.


Basic White Photo Mats

Paloma Coral Patterned Paper in text weight

Chloe Pink Patterned Paper in text weight

Self Healing Mat, Metal Ruler and Craft Knife

Spray Adhesive

Photo Credits: Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Pattern Artwork: ©Antiquaria

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