Business Card Ideas and Inspiration #13 | Pattern Play

Business Card Ideas and Inspiration: Pattern Play via Oh So Beautiful Paper

These days I’m loving bright pops of color and all kinds of patterns for business cards!

1. The Millswyn floral business cards; 2. Jessica Comingore, printed by Presshaus LA; 3. High Five Factory; 4. Paper & Stitch, design by Create Like Crazy and letterpress printed by 42 Pressed; 5. Fiji Airways; 6. Dingbat Press plaid business cards

{images via their respective sources}

  1. Full color cards, or cards that use many colors, are printed on sheetfed presses as well; however, they use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) four-color printing process. Screens of each color overprinted on one another create a wide gamut of color. The downside to this printing method is that screened colors if examined closely will reveal tiny dots, whereas spot color cards are printed solid in most cases. Spot colors should be used for simple cards with line art or non-black type that is smaller than 5 points.;


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