Behind the Scenes: Jenna of Love Jenna Calligraphy

Calligraphy is one of those great mysteries to me. I’ve tried it a thousand times just because I love all the tools (nibs, pens, brushes and those cute little bottles of ink – sigh). Along the way I discovered a secret. Calligraphers keep a little scratch sheet of paper to test the often inconsistent flow of ink from nibs and brushes. — Shauna of Forage Haberdashery

behind the scenes love jenna calligraphy

behind the scenes love jenna calligraphy

I’ve decided calligraphy is one of those talents you’re either born with or your not and Jenna of Love Jenna Calligraphy was definitely born with it. She has the ability to make calligraphy feel unexpected, whimsical and not at all fussy. In addition to her fanciful script, I obsess over her scraps of paper full of ink splotches and tiny little lines. She often plays with unexpected colors which gives her effortless flourishes a modern feeling. Talk about girl crush – I’ve got it bad for Jenna.

Some of Jenna’s projects that I adore:
brooklyn love
wild mushrooms with truffle custard
may 16th

Photo Credit: jenna {via Instagram @lovejennacalligraphy}

  1. When I started out, I was told that the little marks you make to test the ink and nib are called – and this is official – “calligrapher’s wiggle”.

    I have no idea where I learned that, but I promise it was from an expert source!

    Your calligraphy day is marvellous, I love it! Claire xx

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