The Finishing Touch: Postage Stamps

Ever since I started Scout’s Honor Co., I’ve gotten really into postage stamps. What began as a way to pass the time in line at the post office has turned into total admiration for and anticipation of new releases. I love the small format of stationery, so it’s no surprise that I’m drawn to these (even smaller) works of art. Stamps not only act as the finishing touch to a handwritten letter or a carefully crafted invitation, but they are the first thing recipients will see. They are an immediate reminder of how wonderfully tactile “real” mail is and the long-standing traditions that accompany it.

Some of my recent favorites include Gregory Peck, Edward Hopper, U.S. Merchant Marine, and of course — the Scouting stamps! The most beautiful stamp I have seen all year, though, has to be The War of 1812, released last month to commemorate the bicentennial. This stamp features the oldest known painting of the USS Constitution (“Old Ironsides”) by Michele Felice Cornè, created circa 1803. The colors are amazing and could inspire an entire stationery collection on their own. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite pieces from around the studio to highlight this stamp.

This wraps up my guest blogging for the week! I’ve had a great time sharing these posts with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed them and thank you so much for reading! Happy Friday. — Annemarie of Scout’s Honor Co.

The War of 1812: USS Constitution Stamps: or your local post office

Turquoise Envelopes: Paper Source
Kraft Envelopes: Paper Presentation

Vintage Seneca Lake Postcard: Similar found here

Daytrip Society Retro Maine Postcard: Daytrip Society

Painted Waves Card: Scout’s Honor Co.

Photo Credits: Scout’s Honor Co.

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