Screen Printed Journal Series

Hi! Annemarie from Scout’s Honor Co. here. As a kid, one of my favorite back to school rituals was wrapping my textbooks in brown paper grocery bags. I think I was mostly excited about the opportunity to “re-brand” each book myself. So I was immediately drawn to these beautiful screen printed dust jackets by Rachel Stewart of Domesticated Desk. Each jacket wraps a 224 page, lined and hard bound journal. The jackets feature quotes pulled from Rachel’s actual journals growing up, such as: I JUST NEED TO VENT and QUIETNESS IS NOT LONELINESS (shown below). The series includes four posters and corresponding journals, each screen printed by hand and absolutely gorgeous.

Read more about the series here. A few journals and posters are still available for purchase! Email [email protected] if interested.

Journals by Domesticated Desk

Photo Credits: Scout’s Honor Co.

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