1. Oh my, very cute, but looks like they were heavily “inspired” by Rifle Paper Co.

    • Really wonderful work!!! I dont’ think that deserves a “but”. You need to branch out further than Rifle, as hand drawings have been around much longer than that. I think the designs have a similar feel but I’d peg works like Loft Life Press first http://hadleybinion.blogspot.com/2012/05/loft-life-press.html which you can still argue as original, than ones that don’t even do the typical flowery designs that Rifle is known for.

      • Dear Shirley, artists are all “inspired” by what they see in the market place. In my opinion, Quill & Fox has taken their “inspiration” to the point where I thought Rifle Paper had changed their name to…Quill & Fox.
        Unfortunately, because these styles are so close a buyer would not buy both lines. I have been a victim of numerous copyright infringements and it’s exhausting to see artists and manufacturers take successful lines and make them their own.

        • Great post, love the work, am very much so a fan!

          heartshoes…I know what you mean, but as a fellow stationary lad in the UK I’d have to disagree respectfully. I think it is very possible for Q&F and Rifle to have similar styles and be ok with it! Sometimes great artists with similar styles exist in the same time, and I really see that with some easy observation. Not only is the subject matter very different (Rifle often does great floral arrangements v. Q&F’s line), but I also see Q&F as a smaller business finding their own nitch in this line of business.

          I can totally understand your feelings if you’ve been a victim of infringement, but I wouldn’t go so far as to judge/accuse Yas of riffing off Rifle. Why not ask her yourself? I’ve been looking into Q&F for some time (to carry in my store in Glasgow), and am honestly more and more inclined to do so than ever. They’ve made a great reputation in the community it seems, and I’m quite impressed with the variety.

          I already buy from Anna @ Rifle, and I think I’ll be contacting Yas shortly too… 🙂

  2. I think the designs are fun and clever. Way to go Yas! Don’t let the nay sayers and complainers above keep you from creating.

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