Beckett’s Camping Field Manual Birthday Party Invitations

These birthday party invitations from Tara at Cracked Designs are so fun and creative!  Created for her son Beckett’s 2nd birthday party, Tara created a complete invitation field manual booklet inspired by old school camping manuals and Boy Scout merit badges.  Such a great idea for a birthday party theme!

From TaraMy husband and I often refer to our son Beckett as “Sass-quatch,” mostly because he’s had a case of the terrible twos ever since he turned one. When brainstorming for Beckett’s 2nd birthday party, I knew that a play on the name of the mythical “Sasquatch” turned “Sass-quatch” theme would be perfect for our little monster.


I’ve always loved vintage camping & Boy Scout images, and thought it would be really unique to plan a party with the idea of having an “Exploration of the Sass-Quatch” as the concept for the party invitations.  I wanted the invitation suite to feel very old school and earthy, with an overall camping vibe.  I turned the invitation into a booklet, complete with an “Official Sass-quatch Explorer Society” logo that drew inspiration from vintage girl and boy scout merit badges.

I had fun coming up with all the text for the invites, and wanted to make it feel like the guests were reading their very own Sass-quatch guidebook.  I printed out the cover of the invitation on heavyweight kraft paper.  Each invitation booklet was assembled and placed in a drawstring cotton muslin pouch with hand-drawn arrows, then placed in a kraft paper envelope and sealed with a round sticker.


For the actual party, we turned our house into a full on forest, complete with cardboard trees and a giant sass-quatch cut out hiding amongst the trees. Guests created their own little terrariums in vintage glass jars.  I kept the theme from the invitations running strong in all of the elements of the party, so everyone got the full sass-quatch exploration experience!

Thanks Tara!

Photo Credits: Cracked Designs

  1. Amazingly clever! Makes me sort of wish I had a child at home to do something like this (emphasis on the “sort of”) 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

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