Meg + Bryan’s Plant Marker and Plantable Save the Dates

Happy Monday everyone!  We’re starting the week off with an unusual (and very cool) save the date from Meg at Belle + Union.  The bride and groom were inspired by the concept of putting down roots with their wedding, so they decided to incorporate handmade ceramic plant markers and letterpress printed text on plantable paper.  The bride also created a video of the printing and assembly process that you can watch below!

From the bride, Meg: Bryan and I had been dating for over six and half years when we got engaged.  Since we’ve been all over and done seemingly a thousand and one things in our six+ years together, the concept of “roots” and “growth” were really strong in our conversations, which paved the way for the entire aesthetic direction of our wedding.  We plan to incorporate a lot of natural elements and plants and herbs in lieu of cut flowers in the decor.


We really wanted the save the date to set the tone for the wedding.  I remembered something called seed paper, and Meg and I eventually decided on a rich french blue paper letterpress printed with gold ink, combined with handmade clay plant markers stamped with our date and tied to the paper with sparkly gold and white twine.  The idea was kind of perfect – you could actually plant the save the date and watch it grow roots.

After a weekend of printing and crafting,  I flew back home with a giant box of goodies and spent the next weekend cutting, tying, stuffing envelopes with my best friend and my fabulous mother.  All the while, I was documenting the process, which I edited into this video.  The video has become something really special for us – since we’re encouraging our friends and family to plant their save the dates and not keep them as mementos, we will all have this video and the flowers that grow from them instead.

Thanks Meg!  You can check out more from Belle + Union right here!

Design and Letterpress Printing: Belle + Union

Photo Credits: Pat Furey Photography

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