NYIGF January 2012, Part 5

Today we’re wrapping up coverage from the January 2012 NYIGF with two final posts.  First up, a perennial favorite – Bailey Doesn’t Bark!  In addition to gorgeous ceramics (which you can see from the August show right here), I love RJ’s beautiful and minimal stationery, tea towels, and accessories.


Super cute tea towel packaging!

Bailey Doesn’t Bark

It was so nice to finally meet Rumi from the Japan-based Winged Wheel at this year’s NYIGF!  Rumi made her U.S. tradeshow debut with a stationery collection that mixed classic design with fun modern elements like pops of neon and die cut card shapes.



Love the pops of neon!


Winged Wheel

Finally on the stationery front, the bright and colorful booth of 9SpotMonk!  The ladies of 9SpotMonk had some seriously hilarious letterpress thank you cards printed on kraft paper, along with letterpress wine and gift tags.




I’ll be back with more from the January 2012 NYIGF soon!

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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