Letterpress Illustrated Business Cards from A Fine Press

How adorable are these business cards from A Fine Press for author and illustrator Fred Koehler?  Matthew from A Fine Press letterpress printed the three-color design on Crane’s 110# florescent white Lettra paper.  I love the way the soft fields of color mix with the illustration outline, and the illustration itself is just so sweet.


From Matthew: Fred attended SCWBI in New York last month and wanted to bring a card that reflected the children’s book he was working on.  The gray is a halftone with some subtle shading around the outlines and in Jr.’s skin tone.  The shading and skintone went down so well, I almost thought adding the outlines would ruin it, but they really made it pop!  These were hand-fed on my Chandler & Price – the registration was a bear!

Thanks Matthew!

Photo Credits: A Fine Press

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