Letterpress Illustrated Business Cards from A Fine Press

How adorable are these business cards from A Fine Press for author and illustrator Fred Koehler?  Matthew from A Fine Press letterpress printed the three-color design on Crane’s 110# florescent white Lettra paper.  I love the way the soft fields of color mix with the illustration outline, and the illustration itself is just so sweet.


From MatthewFred attended SCWBI in New York last month and wanted to bring a card that reflected the children’s book he was working on.  The gray is a halftone with some subtle shading around the outlines and in Jr.’s skin tone.  The shading and skintone went down so well, I almost thought adding the outlines would ruin it, but they really made it pop!  These were hand-fed on my Chandler & Price – the registration was a bear!

Thanks Matthew!

Photo Credits: A Fine Press

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