Stationery A – Z: Congratulation Cards

Hi Everyone!  Today I’m thrilled to introduce a new column on OSBP.  I often hear from readers looking for greeting card recommendations, from birthday cards to thank you cards.  So every few weeks we’ll round up a few of our favorite cards within a specific category, starting today with congratulation cards!

I like to keep a handful of general cards on hand to congratulate friends and family on positive news.  But it can be hard to find the perfect congratulation card that isn’t specific to a particular type of occasion.  We’ve rounded up some beautiful congratulatory greeting cards that you can stockpile and be quick to send out when congratulations are in order!  – Tashia

Congratulations card from Humunuku

Big Congrats card by Parrott Design Studio

Congratulations Letterpress Notecard Set from In Haus Press

Cross Stitch card by Pistachio Press

 Circle Pattern Letterpress Card from Letterpress Delicacies

Circle Burst Congrats by Hammerpress (left); Circle Pattern card from Letterpress Delicacies (right)

Modern Letterpress Congratulations card by Paisley Dog Press

 Wood Type Congratulations card by Papillon Press

{images via their respective sources}

*Pistachio Press and Parrott Design Studio are sponsors of Oh So Beautiful Paper

  1. I like how neutral these are! Usually a congratulations card that I find will have a big tacky grad cap on it

  2. Excellent idea. while the stockpile of cards are not specific to any occasion I like being able to have different design choices. After all, the sentiment that you write is really what makes the card special.

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