Anastasia’s Paint Drip Birthday Party Invitations

You might remember Anastasia’s bright and colorful Kate Spade-inspired birthday party invitations from last year, and today Anastasia is back to share the invitations for this year’s birthday party!  I love the simple inspiration behind these invitations: Anastasia simply dipped into her personal paint supply and let a few drips run down a trimmed sheet of paper!  Anastasia printed all the relevant details on a yellow belly band, using kraft paper tape to secure the two pieces.

From AnastasiaI found some super thick paper that I had lying around and picked out four colors of paint (sunny yellow, ocean blue, pink, and metallic gold) from my craft box.  I squeezed the paint onto the trimmed thick paper, letting the excess roll down the invitation.  All the party info was printed on yellow paper and trimmed just so I could wrap it around the invitation.

I secured the yellow strip with super sticky kraft tape on the back.  I also added puff tape underneath the front portion of the strip to give it a bit of lift.

So fun!  Thanks Anastasia – and happy birthday!

Photo Credits: Anastasia Marie

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