Wood + Foil NASCAR Invitations from Lettered Olive

I’m used to gushing over the beautiful wedding invitations from the ladies of Lettered Olive, but today they’re sharing something a bit different – NASCAR invitations!  These gorgeous mixed media invitations were created for a celebratory party for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.  Inspired by the industrial event space in Chicago, these invitations combine wood, etched metal, and beautiful metallic foils.

From Christine at Lettered Olive: We recently worked with NASCAR to create an invitation for a celebratory evening kicking off the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.  This event was at a fabulous space in Chicago called Salvage One.  The space is industrial, with wood beams, brick walls, and exposed metal.  We just loved the space and found it so inspiring!  So we created the invitation for a “Legendary” evening (the dinner entertainment was John Legend!).

The invitation was metallic blue and silver foil on wood, backed with etched metal.  The great thing about this job is that it allowed us to get in touch with our “masculine side” – this invitation was all about clean lines, the mixed materials, and total sophistication.  To add another luxe element to the invitation, we foil stamped the envelope and created a teal velvet envelope flap to mimic the amazing vintage velvet sofas at the venue.

So amazing!  Thanks ladies!

Lettered Olive is a mem­ber of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of their beau­ti­ful work right here!

Photo Credits: Melanie Mauer for Lettered Olive

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  1. I’d love to see the process on how they made those. Can’t even begin to wrap my mind around a wooden invitation. Does it cost more for postage on something like that with the velvet, wood, and medal? So crazy! I love how they’re pushing unique materials!

  2. thank you so much for featuring these phenomenal invitations! they were exquisite…the amazing crew at lettered olive always gets a 10 in the style department! and they are equally sweet to boot!!

    and evening entertainment by john legend (insert swoon here!) – wow! warmly, -melanie-

  3. WOW. This concept is so COOL!! So many great textures all together in one invitation! I’d also love to see the process on how wood invitations are printed. I was at a paper store in NYC the other day, and asked the sales associate about the wood papers, and they said you can only use a laser printer to print on them (at home), but obviously this is a different process and very professional! Nicely done!

  4. Just stunning! What a lovely, sophisticated variety of textures. I would never be able to put this down, and the velvet is a nice surprise. The wood I imagine is lightweight… but the etched metal has to add some weight?

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