Vivi’s Gold Foil First Birthday Party Invitations

I’ve already documented my love for gold foil, so I was thrilled when Joni from Chocolate Butterbean sent over the gold foil invitations that she created for her daughter Vivi’s upcoming first birthday party.  Joni wasn’t able to send out announcements following Vivi’s birth and she knew that she wanted to do something special for Vivi’s first birthday.  Joni was inspired by the gold foil on a vintage copy of Emily Post’s book on etiquette, incorporating gold foil silhouettes on pale pink paper and paired with dark indigo envelopes.

From Joni: I was inspired by the vintage copy of Emily Post’s Etiquette I purchased a few years ago.  The cover is a rich indigo with beautiful gold text, and it has such a lovely, ladylike feel which is perfect because I wanted her invitations to be sweet, but not baby.  The inspiration for the party is Vivi herself, and we will have her favorite foods and other fun things on hand at the party.

The invitations include Vivi’s silhouette, with the distinctive bow she always wears to keep her crazy hair out of her eyes, and her name is handwritten for a custom touch.  Originally, I wanted to use a very bright coral paper swatch that I had been keeping on file, but unfortunately it was discontinued, so I went with the light pink for the invitation and rsvp card along with the indigo envelope.


I also designed a small postcard for the guests to write a hope or prayer for Vivi’s future, which I plan to put into an album alongside a picture of her with each special person to keep.  I hope it will be a treasure for her when she grows up!

Thanks Joni!

Design: Chocolate Butterbean

Printing: Crayton-Heritage Letterpress

Photo Credits: Chocolate Butterbean

  1. Love these! I have a super crush on gold foil. I wanted to do gold and green holiday cards last year, but didn’t. This makes it final – I am totally doing it this year! 😀

  2. I love these! I used to not be a fan of foil in stationery. I just felt that it looked too dated and it reminded me of cheap greeting cards. But lately I’ve seen some very talented designers use it in such creative ways, it almost feels like a whole new medium to me.

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