2012 Calendar Round Up, Part 9

I’m working on a few more holiday card round ups for tomorrow, but first we have a few more 2012 calendars to get through!  Today’s round up features one of my favorite artists, a fun neon calendar, two beautiful constellation calendars (I think I might need to get both for myself), and lots of beautiful illustration and letterpress work.  Let’s get started!

I love the sentiment of this hand lettered calendar from Alexander Sprugle

Hellloooo cute calendar from Mr. Boddington’s Studio!


I love anything from Rob Ryan, including these annual desktop calendars.  This one is currently sold out, but I’m hoping they’ll add more soon!

This illustrated letterpress desk calendar from Studio on Fire has lots and lots of neon – so fun!

Delicate line illustrations in this monthly letterpress calendar from Lark Press


For those of you who love astronomy as much as I do, you’re in luck this year with two constellation calendars!  The calendar from Prismatic (left) features the astrology constellations for each month, and Little Bright Studio (right) features an illustration of the northern hemisphere night sky.

This illustrated monster monthly calendar from 55 Hi’s is so ridiculously cute!


Buy local calendar and tea towel calendar from Claudia Pearson

An eco-friendly desktop calendar from Cat Seto


A lovely woodblock calendar with bird illustrations from Bowerbox Press

Botanical illustrated calendars from Miles of Light

Pyramid Atlantic is a book arts center here in Washington, DC – and this year they created a community letterpress calendar!


A letterpress monthly tear-away calendar from May Day Studio (left); and a fun calendar for meat lovers by Drywell (right)

Spirograph patterns on this letterpress monthly calendar from Paper Boat Studios

Keep your calendar close by with this letterpress coaster calendar from Meadowlark Creative

And just in case you missed them, check out the earlier calendar round ups right here!

{images via their respective sources}

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