New Giveaway! Custom Journals from Paper + Cup

I’m super excited about today’s giveaway – it comes from one of my favorite design studios, Paper + Cup!  I just love their amazing wedding invitations, stationery, and other paper goodies.  Paper + Cup’s artistic director recently moved to Paris and they’ve launched a new blog, Paper + Cup Sketchbook, to chronicle their inter-continental adventures in New York and Paris, and to keep track of inspiration sources and ideas.  To celebrate the new blog launch, Paper + Cup is offer­ing two lucky win­ners the chance to win three of their signature gold foil silhouette journals!


These gorgeous journals are available in assorted colors, individually hand bound with fine Italian paper.  The inside pages are blank, perfect for writing or drawing.  The covers can be customized with your choice of text and silhouette image.

To enter, just leave a comment below with something that has inspired you recently!  You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. EST on Fri­day, October 14 to enter – bonne chance!

Photo Credits: Paper + Cup

  1. I’ve always been really inspired by Rudyard Kippling’s poem “If”…it actually cemented my dream to become a journalist. This giveaway is so cute and perfect. Thanks!

  2. The sweet smell of saffron inspired me just the other day, quite unexpected I had a bit of a creative flow thanks to it 🙂

  3. My niece inspired me this weekend. We were in the middle of wedding planning craziness and the sweetest 5 year old walked over to me and said, “You are so lucky you get to marry Joe.” And she is so right! It was a nice moment to take me out of the craziness and her simplicity inspired me to realize what all of this is for…What a lucky girl I am!

  4. I’ve been inspired by Bill Watterson’s commencement speech at Kenyon College. I’ve always loved the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip and admire his skill as a cartoonist. I love how he states in his speech: “To invent your own life’s meaning is not easy, but it’s still allowed, and I think you’ll be happier for the trouble.”

  5. I’ve been inspired by the flurry of holiday craft projects that are being posted on blogs currently. It’s so fun to start getting in the holiday spirit seeing what everyone plans to make!

  6. I just moved into a new house and it’s always inspiring once a project is tackled; it makes me think about the next thing and what the possibilities are!

  7. I have been inspired by my sisters. Yesterday we ran the Portland Marathon and people (especially family) doing and actively participating in life to achieve dreams is more inspiring in anything else.

  8. calligraphy has been the latest inspiration for me! got some tools and want to learn how to do it. i’ve always loved paper and writing. and these journals are gorgeous!

  9. The changing of the seasons has definitely inspired me lately. It gets me thinking of how I can simplify my life and change it for the better. And I love this darling giveaway!

  10. Lately I’ve been inspired by/addicted to Pinterest. I can’t stop browsing through people’s pins and ideas, especially all the tasty looking recipes.

  11. I am a college student majoring in graphic design and, as of now, I’m not sure what I plan on doing in the the future. Lately everything has seemed a little harder than usual and I don’t seem to be as motivated. It’s really hard to want to work on new design and continue with everything when you aren’t really certain of where it is taking you. However, I was recently inspired by this quote from Steve Jobs “Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” It made me realize that all I can do is keep working towards what I want and eventually everything I’ve done in the past will build the future that I am meant to have.

  12. recently i have been inspired a new Drama on British TV ‘Downton Abbey’ the fashion from WW1 era…fur capes, sequined dresses, long gloves, i love it all 🙂

  13. Lately I have been inspired by patterns in nature. The veins on a leaf, the formation of various rock structures, the geometric yet organic nature of plants. This time of year has inspired me to look so much closer at naturally occurring phenomena.

  14. I am inspired by the cooler weather and the fact that we have had rain. It has been many months for this change and it does invigorate me.

  15. I am inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. I’ve seen so many different types of people come together in cities around the nation for a single cause. Although people may disagree, at least they’re talking about it with one another which is the only way that we can begin to change.

  16. I was most recently inspired by good friends who really step up in times of need. Those are the friends worth sticking by!

  17. Last week I came across the following cinema spot from Chipotle – it’s extremely difficult for people in advertising to do something that actually stirs up emotion and inspiration – and with this spot, I’m not sure if it’s the music, or the beautiful animation, or the message at the end, but it definitely struck a chord. Good work, Chipotle.

  18. Right now I’m inspired by the pumpkins and squash filling the markets. I love fall and it always feels magical

  19. Thanks for the great giveaway, I’ve been wanting to get back to journaling and a personalized journal just may be what I need!

  20. The past few weeks I have felt inspired by all the beautiful hand-lettering and type design from Jessica Hische. She spoke recently at a local college and was so motivating and made me feel excited and proud to be a part of the design world!

  21. recently i have been inspired by working mums-this may sound really silly seeing as i am not a mum myself, but having to balance two things simultaneously and plus im sure a load of other stuff is quite simply amazing!! i have just graduated from university and started my first ‘proper’ full-time job alongside this i am undertaking a part-time masters degree, as well as trying to fit in socialising with friends, going to the gym, and doing as much baking as i would like too-well quite frankly i am struggling-but if they can do it so can i (with or without a child!!)

  22. On my honeymoon a few weeks ago, I was inspired by the beauty under the sea. The coral, fish and all the other amazing sea life was so breathtaking!

  23. Lately I’ve been inspired by fall – the gorgeous colors of the leaves, hot apple cider + donuts, the crisp cool weather, and fall fashion! There are endless sources of inspiration during this season. Would love to fill this journal with all my thoughts/ideas!
    [email protected]

  24. I’ve been inspired as of recent by old fashioned magic posters. We have created a campaign around typography from these posters – love it.

  25. Those journals are quite pretty, particularly the foil printing. I’m continuously inspired by my cousins and the strength that they give my family, particularly my grandmother. They take her to dialysis three times a week and keep her motivated throughout this difficult time

  26. these are so classic and beautiful. i’ve been feeling really inspired by the crazy rain we’ve been having lately – it’s got me focused on staying inside and getting my ducks in line, which is much needed.

  27. I’ve been inspired by the autumn leaves. Particularly bright red! I made a red leafy hat, and now I’m working on gloves to match!

  28. ooo! this is a lovely little giveaway. i’ve been really inspired by the neon trend that seems to be shooting through all realms. i’ve also been super inspired by the kids at the chicago children’s choir (my new job!) and…well, music in general 🙂

  29. I was recently inspired by an anthropologie email – it was full of so many beautiful prints, patterns, and textures. This eccletic look has my wheels spinning about revamping some stuff in my home!

  30. Today I got inspired by a few people I saw on the tube in the morning, and by the blogs I follow at Blovlovin. 🙂
    This giveaway is so gorgeous.

  31. Autumn always serves as a great inspiration to me. This year in particular, I’ve been noticing the combinations of colors in nature and other patterns that are effortlessly created.

  32. Just recently went to an apple orchard…the colors, flavors, smells, tastes and of course the sounds of children laughing with their families while picking out pumpkins & picking apples was inspiring. There is nothing more inspiring than the changing of the seasons!

  33. Gorgeous journals!
    Recently I’ve been inspired by Zig Ziglar’s quote “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

  34. Inspiration seems to come alive in Autumn. I find the cooler, shorter days and the impending end-of-year inspires me to be a little more introspective, which always produces more creativity than the long, hot days of summer. Love these journals. One of my renewed resolutions this year was to write more in my journals, and these would definitely give me that added boost of inspiration I need to fulfill that resolution. Awesome!

  35. i am currently inspired by a big pile of dirt. why? because that pile of dirt will soon be transformed into walls and ceilings that will (hopefully) house my new boutique!

  36. During the Jewish High Holy Days–Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur, which occurred recently–I am filled with such a flood of emotions when they blow the shofar (ram’s horn). A burst of inspiration to connect & be more active in my Jewish community.

  37. Letterpress ANYTHING inspires me – be it to send my grandmother a note, jot down some ideas I have on a new website, or a beautiful quote I heard. Beautiful brains filled with beautiful thoughts deserve beautiful journals to hold them!

  38. I have been inspired by mother nature lately. It amazes me the broad spectrum of colours that nature creates, especially as I watch the world turn from green to the incredible spectrum of fall colours. I often look far and wide for inspiration, when in reality it is all around me.

  39. I am an Apple fanatic and when Steve Jobs died last week, it really inspired me and made me look at the world from a completely different perspective. To realize that one single person can completely change the world in such an incredible way in such a short time span, as Steve Jobs did, really shook me. This inspired me and made me feel so much more appreciative of the things I have lived to see.

    Ps – these notebooks are absolutely adorable!

  40. I’m feeling inspired by all the quality time I have spent with friends recently. It reminds me of what my priorities are and always should be.

  41. latest inspiration: the farmers market, the colours, smells, taste of the food, atmosphere… makes me want to pull out a sketch book and capture it or snap photographs to take home more than just the food!

  42. I’ve been inspired recently by my youngest learners…both as an educator and an artist as well as a fellow explorer of the world.

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  44. I’ve been inspired by the changing season and the way the city smells of autumn.

  45. I was at a wedding over the weekend, and it was really just perfect — the day was bright and sunny, they got married on a very large hill with a gorgeous backdrop of a gradient of leaves changing colours. Definitely inspiring. 🙂

  46. As a Cub Scout leader, watching the young scouts doing good deeds over and over again inspires me to try to be a better person as well.

  47. Recently, I travelled to Israel on a spiritual journey. While there I lived in the old city of Jerusalem studying philosophy and religion. One night after a lengthy day of studying I went up to a rooftop on one of the tallest buildings in the old city and began to meditate overlooking some of some of the holiest sights to Muslims, Jews and Christians, after a while of the breeze blowing against me and breathing in the warm fall air up at the top of the building, my meditation was pleasantly interrupted by the sound of the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish prayers that echoed through the old city. I realized that they all started praying at the same time, even through difference we all weren’t that different; we just wanted to become close to a divine being and grow and continue within our own spiritual quests. We all too similar to be fighting with each other, all we really are is brothers. So while we do have a sense of sibling rivalry just like brothers we all come home to the same place at the end of the day which should connect us beyond anything else.

  48. I haven’t been in years, but my parents just returned from a two week trip through Italy last week, and seeing all of their amazing photos has got me itching to go back! The idea of traveling, seeing and experiencing more of the world has been floating around in my head for the past year or so, and I find myself collecting photos of new destinations and places to consider more and more. Africa, Australia, Greece, Spain, Costa Rica…these are just a few of the places that have been fueling my work and interests lately!

  49. What inspires me; hard times. I think that when we are faced with the challenges of negative change it inspires us to become reacquainted with our resourcefulness, our ingenuity & creativity, our priorities and it fuels our passion for progressing forward to a better quality of life.

  50. Pinterest inspires me. All the beautiful letterpressed stationery that people post, the unique invitations, I love it all!

  51. what a lovely giveaway!

    currently i am inspired by seeing the hustle of those around me to get my own ideas out & to keep creating on a regular basis. i’m often hunkering down to maintain the business end of things as well as working the day job, but i need to remember to keep the creativity going in order to build my own personal bitty empire. 🙂

    it’s been wonderful following along & seeing how your blog has grown, nole!

    all my best,

  52. I’ve been inspired by the changing leaves and the bright orange pumpkins I see everywhere!

  53. I have been greatly inspired lately by the foil used in vintage postcards. It is usually used in very simple an subtle way and always a lovely surprise! Foil paired with vintage fonts and vintage artwork to send to your favorite correspondents; what more do you need? 🙂

  54. Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians in Chapter 1. He is so JOYFUL and thankful for believers that he gives thanks to the Lord without ceasing for them and prays for them to know Him more!

    This inspired me because in the midst of this, Paul is in jail! And He is thanking the Lord for his spiritual blessings towards other people. I know that when I am not in a good spot and feel bound by the world, I often times do not pray this way for others. This is especially inspiring to me as I go through a really hard week in school while my friends are having some down time. Thanks for letting me share (:

  55. I would love to win these beautiful journals, and I have been inspired by the Paper & Cup Sketchbook lately! I am enjoying reading in both english & français!! C’est magnifique.

  56. I just love the journals 🙂 I’m getting married at the end of this month so my fiancé and I have been busy packing and decorating our new home! The radiant colors of paint at our local hardware store is just inspiring!

  57. seems weird to say, but our dog has inspired me lately. We recently sent her sister to a better place and it’s been difficult, but she bounces off the wall in happiness when we play with her, and as much as she obviously misses her sister, she seems determined to enjoy her lot in life as much as ?humanly? possible – it’s wonderful to watch and be part of with her.

  58. I’ve recently been inspired by the doors of the Brooklyn Public Library near my apartment. They are carved and inlaid with gold leaf figures from Greek and Roman mythology.

  59. What a great giveaway! i love these journals! i have been inspired by the mid century recently. i find myself designing around the past..

  60. Inspired by apple picking with friends this weekend – nothing like fresh air, wide open spaces, and good company!

  61. I am in love! Things that have inspired me lately? Dahlia’s, Gingham and 80’s Pop Radio on Pandora. My brain is overflowing and would LOVE a notebook to write it all down.

  62. I love gold foil! I’ve been inspired lately by comfy fabrics like cotton and linen. Their texture and soft colors make me want to redecorate my life to be light and cozy.

  63. I recently returned from my honeymoon, and was inspired, almost to tears, by the Karanlik Kilise(“Dark Church”) in Goreme, Cappadoccia (Turkey). The paintings in that church, which have been preserved almost impeccably for over a thousand years, were stunning. The colors were remarkable, and it was truly awesome, in the pure sense of the word, to look at their depiction of Christ as a youth.

  64. Really nice notebooks… What was inspiring me lately is the arrival of Autumn! I like the new smells and the change… so fresh outside and happy colours! I also feel similar at the arrival of Spring =)

  65. Those journals look wonderful! My inspiration go-to is Pinterest! If I need some inspiration for any project I’m working on, it’s the first place I look. So many wonderfully talented people being showcased and so many wonderful photos!!!

  66. I’m inspired reading all of the comments to this post! Lately, I’ve been inspired by the way my four-year-old looks at the world: simplicity, surprise, delight and wonder. All elements to great design.

  67. Fall! It happens every year, without fail. The relief in temperatures, the changing colors, all of the foods that come into season, and the promise of seeing family and friends in the coming month’s pull me out of Summer’s spell. This is the time of year when my head starts to buzz with recipe ideas and lists of books to read. And of course all of the plans for bundled-up excursions. So much to do!

  68. My latest inspiration: my students! I just started working with students at an art school and their work and excitement is motivation for me to continue to create.

  69. Hello 🙂 Thanks for this lovely competition! :)) Recently I was reading about the capabilities of the human mind in a book by Daniel Tammet called “Embracing the Wide Sky.” It really made me want to go out there and learn more!

  70. I know Pinterest is a common answer, but some of the images of cooking and decorating ideas on there have really been inspiring me to invite people over more often and to be a hostess, providing a welcoming atmosphere for community and friendships. These journals are great!

  71. Bob Dylan’s “Don’t think twice it’s alright.” Bobby helps me design allll day at work when I have to design for bratty teenyboppers in hearts and stars who cry over dresses. In order for me to still feel like a human, I have to listen to good ol’ Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan inspires me to be human.

  72. I have been very inspired lately by vibrant patterns and colors against natural (wood) backdrops!

  73. what’s inspired me lately? one of my close friends completing the ‘walk for a cure’ – avon walk for breast cancer. 2 days of dedication from the heart is always inspiring!

  74. It’s been raining all day–ranging from downpour to a light drizzle. But then, as I was driving home from work, the sun broke through the clouds, casting the most gorgeous light on the saturated landscape. It was absolutely breathtaking and all I want to do now is paint.

  75. Gardening has been inspiring me lately. It’s so fun and rewarding to see plants grow.

  76. my life is inspiring me lately, really. i’m actually following my heart and my dreams, and huge changes are coming. i’m SO excited and have such big ideas for my new life that i can’t help but think of myself as an inspiration.

  77. I recently attended the Nuit Blanche festival here in Toronto, which is a night-to-dusk one-night-only annual event showcasing a lot of local artists’ works all around downtown. It was full of various mediums of work, from sketching, oil paintings, photography, stationery, hand-crafts.
    Being an amateur artist myself, the event was highly inspiring!!

  78. I’m inspired to write “better” or shall I say ‘classier’ notes to my friends. I believe that for certain occaisions or for certain reasons it is still important to send a written note. My latest mission or INSPIRATION has been to collect sayings, motivational messages, and guidelines for writing exquisite notes –Thank You’s, Congratulations’, Sympathy’s to my friends. I would love to have a classy notebook to collect the sayings in to use as a reference book on my desk. thank You for offering such a wonderful giveaway!

  79. At this time my inspiration id definitely museums in NY. They carry so many amazing artifacts from the past that inspire with my designs.

  80. Glitter & Kate Spade! Fabulous colors and gold glitter just makes my heart go wild <3

  81. It’s a tie between Pinterest and film photography for what’s been inspiring me most lately!

  82. so i have this little hobby/business – a little calligraphy shop. since 2009 i have offered 3 different styles and every year i’m amazed and thankful for all of the brides-to-be that select me to put the calligraphy on the invitation envelopes that are sent to their guests. for the past year i have had the itch to offer a few more styles. styles that are a little more daring – a little bolder. so, you could say that i am inspired by creativity. this journal would give me the perfect space to outline and practice my new styles. and, for that matter, journal where i want to take this little business of mine. what i can branch out into next. what else i can create!

  83. Very beautiful journals! With the cooler weather creeping in, I’ve been turning to delicious yarns lately for inspiration & also washi tape!

  84. lately i’ve been inspired by the beautiful desert sunsets from my back yard. the sky looks like cotton candy.

  85. I’ve been visiting your site quite a while now! Always have lovely posts!

    My recent inspiration is Fall has arrived and seeing leaves changes to calm relaxing color that keeps me cozy.

  86. These journals are so perfect. I’ve been inspired lately by home office and studio design. I’m attempting to reorganize a room in my house to be more of an office space and have been completely inspired by all the design blogs out there!

  87. I am currently suffering from wedding planning fatigue, but was so inspired by this post on A Practical Wedding

  88. This picture of my mother in the 80’s. Her ferrah faucet hair, bright white teeth, and lacoste polo, she looked like heaven, and inspires me from there everyday.

  89. I just created a holiday card and went in-person, non-digital, off-line, hands-to-paperstock shopping at Paper Source to do so. What incredible gratification it was to have a refreshingly tactile dose of inspiration. I would not trade my RSS feeds and Pinterest for anything, but it was nice to live beyond the jpeg for a change. Here’s to all five senses!

  90. As of late I’ve been inspired by quality, not quantity. In the past I was the consumer who wanted it quick and cheep (due to my college student budget). Since I began working for a letterpress company I’ve experienced the value in quality materials which in turn makes a quality note to a friend or a quality journal to be a time capsule of memories. These journals are beautiful and one of a kind. Paper + Cup inspires me to continue my book making skills!

  91. currently swooning over photos of mini desserts, specifically those in mini mason jars. i just want it all!!!

  92. the guideing light of the oh so beautiful sun, the midnight blanket that falls upon us on a cool stormy night.

  93. Recently, I have been inspired by handmade crafts, food, and things….seeing something that someone has made with their own hands….just beautiful!

  94. Living in Chicago, I see a majority of strange things downtown, but the other day I saw something exceptionally lovely. I saw this woman at wallgreens, downtown, asking for a discount on some of the things she wanted to buy because she didn’t have much money. The manager didn’t budge, and made her pay full price.
    When I walked out of the store, I saw that same woman handing the wallgreens bag to a homeless man, and he was so thankful he was just shy of crying. Things like this are exceptionally inspiring, because every time I walk by a homeless individual, I don’t look twice. That woman is making me do more double takes everytime I walk down the street.

  95. Hello!

    My name is Chinny, and I’m a closet writer struggling to get words on the page. I read and watch many things that inspire and motivate my writing. The blogs I follow on Tumblr have been especially wonderful! Here’s two (it’s hard to choose one!) of the countless inspirational quotes that has been tremendously helpful in moving me to take a chance and not hesitate…

    “Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.” -Unknown

    “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

  96. i’ve been inspired by the little things lately – the moon hanging low in the sky, the leaves changing color…

  97. I’ve been inspired by photography lately from around the world. Photos of shapes and patterns in architecture especially.

  98. I was inspired by an exhibition called “Wonders”, which I visited recently. It showcasts art, objects and installations that deal with phenomenons we cannot understand and which provoke wonder.

  99. i am inspired by most things hand-made. I visited a man today that does laser cutting, he took me step by step through the process…now i want to make my own beautiful sketchbooks with die-cuts and beautiful paper.

  100. great giveaway. it’s tough to pinpoint one thing but i’ve really been inspired by the weather lately. something about fall is so refreshing and gives me such good energy. hopefully it can carry me through the winter too!

  101. I love writing and have been been avid collector of notebooks/journals. this journal looks amazing and is perfect to let the creative juices flow. Would love one to have. Simply.

  102. The beauty surrounding the house my husband and I just bought. While the house needs quite a bit of work, the multi-coloured trees and views of the lake are so inspiring for me…makes me want to fix up the house as quickly as possible so it fits in with the beaty that surrounds it

  103. I’ve been inspired by various DIY projects — fabric headboards to fall wreaths. Thanks for the opportunity!

  104. i just recently moved so am inspired to redo my room and find new art work to display.

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  106. I was inspired by some design blogs recently to try a gallery wall in my living room. So excited about it!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  107. Ohhh so pretty journal, I want it to do my travel sketches when I’m gonna live in New Zealand on January 2012… My parisian life inspired me. All of the things of the daily. Rain, people, colors, shops, fashion, film… The world !

  108. Beautiful birds and the changing colors of the fall trees and leaves have been my recent inspiration!

  109. My soon to be baby girl. I would love to have a journal to put all of my memories and pics of what is going on and my feelings 🙂

  110. I’m a words person, so I often have trouble grasping science-y concepts. I’m never wowed by the science behind so many natural processes; I’m more astounded by a writer who can eloquently spin paragraphs into meaningful stories. However, I’m taking a class on energy as it relates to transportation and the environment, and our teacher yesterday got so excited as she described how respiration happens in cells. For me, it was a mish-mash of words and chemical symbols but for her, it was a beautiful realization of how the world works. Seeing how people are inspired and excited by so many things – that we all have the ability to find our own unique obsessions – inspired me to think outside my box and appreciate how everyone has a unique passion.

  111. The sunrise the other morning! The clouds looked like fluffy cotton candy as the sun painted them magenta and tangerine! Inspirational!

  112. My inspiration loves to come suddenly and knock me from my feet. I may come while viewing trees in forest or from watching some TV drama or anime. Even just a random color pick in photoshop may inspired the whole new website conception.

  113. I went to a beautiful poetry reading in a room I didn’t know existed at my college, and was inspired!

  114. I read the Stanford Commencement Address of Steve Jobs that gave more than inspiration … not only for today

  115. I am inspired every day by God’s creation. As autumn is among us, I am reminded of what an amazing artist he is!

  116. what recently inspires me – always my 7 yo daughter who constantly inspires me to see the world with a new and curious perspective… :O)

  117. My sister is a big inspiration to me. After years of battling weight issues she decided that age 40 was HER year. Since she turned 40 in January, she has lost over 50 pounds, 35 inches and last weekend ran her first half marathon.

  118. I came across some truly beautiful photography of animals (“Vita” by Koichi Ito). Stunning artistry.

  119. Recently Inspired me The unique thing of the life, all is unique, only you need is Appreciate it!

  120. Spring has definitely sprung here in Melbourne and it’s inspired me to get colourful, fill my office with fresh roses and wear floaty dresses everyday.

  121. The other day I was enjoying a lovely capuccino, when I overheard a little girl, maybe 5- all blue eyed, blonde haired, and pigtailed- who, without prompting or any lack of seriousness, looked over to her mother who had just sat down and said, ‘Momma. When I’m big, I’m going to be a chef and make delicous meals for all my friends.’ ‘Well dear, why don’t you make us dinner tonight then?’ ‘No Momma. I’m little right now. I get to play.’ Who wouldn’t be inspired by someone with such confidence and sincerity, yet who is able to take life one day at a time and enjoy the time she has without being too anxious for the future to hurry up and get here?

  122. I am inspired by my recent engagement — time for our wedding planning to begin!

  123. My inspiration is all around me! I know, it sounds a little cheesy…but it really is all around me. The signs I pass driving to work, the coffee cup my latte comes in, the magazines I flip through, my co-workers, blogs, etc. Inspiration is everywhere.

  124. The latest Chanel line was very inspiring! I am creating a logo for a surf co. and the organic yet modern lines were so amazing!

  125. b dunlap inspires me … her work is so beautiful!
    i just opened a little stationery and gift boutique and would love a journal to write about my days …

  126. Lately I’ve been really inspired by simple yet bold product packaging-working on my own ideas now for a line I hope to launch on etsy next year!

  127. Overwhelmed by the kindnesses of the long time, well-know, successful people in the industry who take a minute out of their busy schedule to offer a word of encouragement. I’d just like to see my name in print under the word Favorite someday and those inspirational words me going. Thank you.

  128. My wedding to Mr. Craftgasm this weekend was certainly inspiring — I can’t believe so many of our friends and family put their efforts into coming to see us get hitched and celebrate with us. It’s inspired me to be an excellent friend, too. 🙂

  129. My Grandmother just turned 90 years old, and when asked what she wanted for her birthday she said, “I’d love an iPad to keep up with all my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.” So, my cousins and I pitched in and got her one…

    It’s inspiring to know that – at 90 years old – she’s embracing Facebook, Words with Friends, eBooks, YouTube, etc. I am determined to be that fearless in my lifetime!

  130. opps…. It didn’t include the link that inspires me: I’m a teacher and EVERYDAY I’m inspired by my incredible students. They are the reason I work so hard. This journal would be perfect for writing down ideas, thoughts and quotes from them.

  131. I recently found inspiration during invigilation of my students’ Art and Design and Technology papers. As I walked down the rows, I saw how they interpreted their exam question(s) in their own, unique style. I went back after the exam and drew two students hard at work.

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