Inspired By: Neon!

I’ve been in love with the neon design trend since May, when the bright fluorescent colors made a big splash at several exhibitor booths at the National Stationery Show.  More recently, I’ve been pleased to see neon used as accents for wedding invitations, from envelopes (like Jon and Alecia) to edge painting.  So today I thought I’d do a little round up of awesome neon paper goods and accessories!

No. 1 Neon wedding invitation edge painting by Delphine; No. 2 Nutcracker print with orange neon details by Bombina Studios; No. 3 Neon twine (available here in multiple colors) by Angela Hardison via You Are My Fave; No. 4 Gift tags by Knot & Bow (and more from Lox + Savvy here); No. 5 Neon washi tape (also available here) via Minimega; No. 6 Neon crayons from MOMA; No. 7 Neon letterpress greeting cards by Fig. 2 Design Studio; No. 8 Neon papercut wedding invitations by Love Citron

These aren’t made from paper, but I couldn’t resist including these gorgeous scarves with neon details from lemlem.  So, so pretty.

{images via their respective sources}

  1. I’m in love with neon! I actually have that kite string you pictured … mine is from 1980something and I cannot believe I am old enough for a trend to circle back around!!!


  2. I am loving the neon too! And I am with Erika. I cannot believe I have lived through two neon trends…wishing I saved all those neon tie-dyed shirts and friendship bracelets!!


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