Calligraphy + Letterpress Birth Announcements for Baby Lincoln

I always think it’s so fun when two creative people collaborate on a special project!  Designer and letterpress printer Tara from Ephemera Press met photographer Rebecca Ellison a couple of years ago, and they recently collaborated on announcements for Becca’s son Lincoln.  The design features Tara’s whimsical calligraphy, letterpress printed and snugly nestled next to Becca’s photography.  So cute!

From Tara: Becca wanted something more special and permanent to announce her own little guy’s arrival.  A new baby is such a huge change – marking and preserving the occasion with professional photography and a frame-worthy announcement just makes sense.  The Snug design features hand-lettered text snugly nestled together and letterpress printed alongside a lab-printed photo.  The text design is super cute and complements the photograph without overwhelming.


Tara and Becca loved working together so much, they’re offering their services to other families, either as a baby announcement or as a family holiday card!  For families in the Seattle area, you can work with both Becca and Tara and receive a nice little discount.  If you’re located elsewhere, feel free to get in touch with Tara and Becca to submit your own photographs for the design.  You can check out the details right here.  Thanks Tara and Becca!

Photo Credits: Rebecca Ellison Photography

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