Tradeshow Bootcamp Giveaway!

Designers and stationers, this giveaway is for you!

If you’ve ever thought about exhibiting at a tradeshow like the New York International Gift Fair or the National Stationery Show, you definitely want to sign up for Tradeshow Bootcamp, an amazing series of teleconference workshops organized by Katie from Kelp Designs.  Tradeshow Bootcamp covers everything you need to know before exhibiting at a major tradeshow, from booth logistics to pricing and product issues.  Back in March I had the honor of participating in the marketing and PR workshop, and I’m looking forward to talking with a whole new group of people in a couple of weeks!

You can still sign up for the remaining workshops right here, but today I have the pleasure of giving away one spot for the marketing workshop on October 13!  This workshop is your chance to ask any question you can think of about how to promote your collection before and during the show and get lots of foot traffic into your booth.

To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment below with any burning questions you might have about tradeshow marketing and promotion.  You’ll have until midnight EST on Sunday, October 2 to enter the giveaway.  Bonne chance!

Congratulations to commenter #14 – Chelsey!  We’ll be in touch with your registration info soon!

UPDATE: Hi Everyone!  Some of you are submitting some fabulous product and logistics-related questions, so I just want to be clear that this giveaway is for the Marketing and PR workshop ONLY.  If you have questions about product collections or logistics and booth set up, please register for those specific workshops right here!

  1. Great offer, thanks so much Nole! My big question is – how much do you think you should spend/produce as giveaways? And what kind of products work – traditional (so if you make letterpress cards and stationery, a sample of that) or something quirky?

  2. Hi Nole!

    How many products have to make getting a booth at a trade show worth it? Should it be a sampling of the best or all you’ve got?

  3. I always torture myself on when is the very best time to contact buyers, 2 weeks before, 3? And then when to follow up after the show. Especially for after show follow up, do you call, send materials? I know the answer is sorta a mix of both but would love advice!

  4. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in cash and carry shows with success. I think I’m ready to jump into the trade shows… but I don’t know if I have a large enough variety of product. With order minimums and terms and all of those details I want to to have enough variety to cater to each potential buyer. Is there a standard? Say, 50 greeting cards incapsulating a specific group of genres. i.e. birthday, retirement, love, etc. I would hate to be unprepared and turn away buyers because the number of ‘likeable’ products to them might not meet my terms. Help!

  5. I’m going to be participating at the NSS next year and looking through the workshop summary I realize that I need to know…EVERYTHING! In terms of promotion, what kind of promo materials should we be sending out and when?

  6. I have many questions, one is: How do you feel about email promotion to buyers (sending new products, promotions, catalogues)? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks!

  7. It is so crazy how I stumbled accross this today! I wrote out my check to the NYIGF just a few hours ago… we will be first timers in the New York’s Newest division! I have a TON of questions… Lets start with this one… Do I need to invite press to my booth ahead of time or just be ready if they stop on by? I have done my best to contact people in the past about my company and products, but I do not get a reply… are they reading these? It it a waste of time (and theirs) to try to get in touch with all of these busy professionals before the show?

  8. Oh man, I’ve got so many questions. I am planning on attending the NSS in NYC for the first time this year and know nothing. I have questions about what to bring? How many people need to be working my booth?

  9. Oh please sign me up! I need to know everything – when should I start planning? How much merchandise do I need to bring with me? What is *not* allowed? Oh no – I know what question I want answered: What will help me stand out from the crowd, fantastic merchandise aside.

  10. I’m new to the scene, and growing slowly, but hoping to change that! I have so many questions, but I guess the first would be how much merchandise would you recommend having before signing up for a show?

  11. ohh what a great giveaway! i always wonder how people design their booths & get them set up in NYC if they are from across the country.. I’m sure you mail everything, but it seems like a daunting task!

  12. just stumbled across your blog…would love to be apart of the tradeshow bootcamp!!! did the stationery show a few years ago, but after 2 babies, I’m ready to get back in the mix!

  13. I would absolutely LOVE to attend! My most burnig question is, how many different designs/products do you recommend having before you exhibit? Thanks!

  14. I would love to attend! I haven’t done any pro-active marketing yet, so I would love to learn the best approach to getting a publisher’s attention.

  15. First impressions are everything… when do you know if you are jumping the gun to do a show before you are truly ready? I would love to be involved at the NSS next spring, but if I don’t have enough work… does it make to hold off until I have a ton… or work with what I have, expanding it as much as possible just to start getting our name out there and meeting new people.

  16. I would love to win! I have always wanted to exhibit at the major trade shows, but have been too intimidated! This would be so wonderful to win!

  17. This is a great giveaway! I would definitely ask how to prep designs for wholesale. That would be a whole new realm for us! Thank you!

  18. I will be participating for this first time next year, which is at the same time very exciting, scary and challenging. My question is: as a new start-up, I don’t have much PR/promo experience, everything is word-of-mouth so far.. what’s a good way to gain contacts, get them interested, and overall how to stand out from the big crowd. Thanks for your beautiful blog!

  19. I would love the chance to win a spot in her class.

    my question would be about booth display, sizing and how to produce a booth that captures folks attention


  20. I’d love to hear more about catalogs sent pre-show. What shoul be included, to whom should they be sent, good resources for printers, designers, photographers. How much can you expect to spend on this part of your budget?

  21. How do you determine how much money to put into the build of your booth? Also, I would like to know what is the best way to get buyers into your booth?

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