Modern Ketubah Designs from Urban Collective by Jennifer Raichman

After my last ketubah post, I received the sweetest note from the ladies at Urban Collective introducing me to their collection of wedding ketubot.  Sisters Wendy and Jennifer offer beautiful modern ketubah designs, including giclée prints and a collection of gorgeous papercut designs in partnership with artist Naomi Shiek.  So, so pretty.

Check out more over at Urban Collective right here!

Photo Credits: Urban Collective

  1. Nole! We are so thrilled and thankful to be included on Oh So Beautiful Paper. We are such great admirers of your blog and appreciate your loving attention to the beautiful tradition of ketubah design.

  2. Wow – stunning! Thanks for sharing. I’m looking for a ketubah but have had a hard time finding something modern, beautiful, and yet traditional!

  3. These ketubot are gorgeous. We’ve been looking for a modern style like this for the past 5 or 6 years. Now there are a few artists creating simple elegant Ketubot. Thank you for featuring urban collective. They have a beautiful collection.

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