Inspired By: The Night Sky

I’ve been fascinated with astronomy ever since I was a little kid; my Dad and I had a telescope and would spend hours gazing into the night sky trying to see Saturn’s rings or Jupiter’s moons.  So today I thought I would round up a few of my favorite zodiac- and constellation-inspired paper details!

No. 1 Stargazer letterpress prints by Poshta Stationery and Design; No. 2 Zodiac cards by Printerette Press; No. 3 Constellation screen prints from Little Gray Owl Studio; No. 4 Constellation artwork by Nature’s Cubbyhole; No. 5 Print from The Wheatfield; No. 6 Constellation embroidery by Chloe Giordano

And finally, this screen printed constellation poster from designer Scott Benson is just about the coolest thing ever.  It even glows in the dark!

{images via their respective sources}

  1. I love this post, they’re all so beautiful. I love stargazing as well, and enjoyed watching the eclipses with my family as a kid 🙂 My dad even bought a star in my brother’s name via the International Star Registry (very fun!)

  2. I love these. My best friend is currently in labor and this inspired me to find the constellation of the time the baby is born (hopefully very very soon). I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet…so many fun options!

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