Gardening Paper Love

Yesterday I featured some great local food art, so for my final guest post I thought I’d bring my thematic paper journey home… to our own backyards!  My husband and I just bought our house this spring and were too overwhelmed to do much gardening this summer, but you can bet that I’m gearing up for next summer in a big way.  There’s something so wonderful about growing things… it just feeds the soul, I think.

I can’t even count all the ways I love this letterpress poster from Starshaped Press.  Pure perfection on paper!

Every gardener needs a stash of adorable garden tool letterpress stationery (these are from Paper Lovely Press), don’t you think?

This Old School Stationers letterpress print gorgeously captures the spirit of fresh-cut flowers on the table.

…whereas this charming rooftop tomatoes illustrated notecard from Tella Press captures the charm of picking dinner right outside.

I adore the simplicity of this watering can print from Miss Pettigrew’s Prints.  Perfect for hanging inside a gardening shed or back porch (that I don’t have).

Speaking of things I don’t have… this beautiful “Zen Garden” painting from Once Upon A Paper is major inspiration for the lush garden I’d love to have one day.  A girl can dream!

Thanks for indulging me all week long, everyone!  It’s been a blast hanging out at Nole’s perch.  If you’ve decided that geeky geography/transit/food topics are right up your alley, come find me at my usual hangout The Freckled Citizen for more.  Have a wonderful weekend, folks! – Maggie

{images via their respective sources}

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