Gallery Walls I’ve Met and Liked

My husband and I are close to buying our first home.  While he goes into a showing thinking of all the logistical aspects, I go in picturing where I’ll put built-in bookshelves, a nice gallery wall and my party supplies.  I’ve already told him that he doesn’t need to worry about the decorating one bit.  That’s the way it should be, right?

Here are some recent gallery walls I’ve come across and bookmarked for that fateful day we’re handed the keys.


Photo Credits: Angie Hranowsky, Design Sponge: Jo Metson, Lonny Magazine, Bolaget, Vogue: Minnie Mortimer

  1. Nice! Good luck with finding your new home. I told my husband the same thing because I’m excited to decorate, even though it’s still a while off!

  2. They’re lovely but … I find the works of art themselves get lost as it is all too visually confusing – they become ‘accessories’ rather than a piece to love and appreciate and really look at. But that’s just me!

    Good luck with the new home search! I am not going to have my ‘forever’ house for some time yet so I envy you!

  3. Sounds very familiar! My husband looks at the wiring, the pipes, and the ceiling for signs of leaks… I dream about which room will be my home studio and where I can organize my paper swatches & shipping materials 🙂

  4. wishing you loads of fun on your house hunting. how exciting! these spaces are lovely, and i’m sure with your eye for detail, your future home decor will be awesome.

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