Southern Magnolia Bridal Luncheon Invitation

I’ve had these bridal luncheon invitations bookmarked the last couple of weeks – Christine from Ink*Lemonade created these lovelies for a friend in Georgia who will be hosting a luncheon in honor of her cousin’s upcoming wedding.  Christine used magnolias and the concept of the Old South with a modern twist as her design inspiration, along with a color palette of green, brown, and cream.  I’m having visions of sweet iced tea, mint juleps, and lots of yummy treats – sounds delightful!


Christine letterpress printed the main invitation, incorporating her own hand lettering style into the invitation text.  She then calligraphed the outer envelopes and paired them with coordinating vintage stamps.  So, so pretty.







Thank you so much Christine!

Photo Credits: Christine Lucaciu for Ink Lemonade

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