DIY Vintage Handkerchief Save the Dates

Hi Everyone!  Today I’m super excited to introduce a new DIY series from the ladies of Antiquaria, an online shop curated by designer Emma James (you might remember her awesome wedding invitations) and calligrapher Bailey Amon.  In addition to their shop, Emma and Bailey offer custom rubber stamps featuring Bailey’s calligraphy and they’ll be joining us here every couple of weeks with a fun DIY project to inspire all of you at home.  Let’s get started!

Hello!  We’re Bailey and Emma from Antiquaria, and we love vintage handkerchiefs!!  This tutorial uses custom rubber stamps to create elegant and original save the dates.  These offer your guests a true keepsake and help set the tone for your vintage wedding!

Vintage Handkerchief Save the Dates

DIY Hand Stamped Handkerchief Save the Dates : Step 1

Step One:

After washing and ironing the handkerchiefs to the desired size, choose stamp pad and ink up the custom  Save the Date stamp.  We used our  “Art Nouveau” Save the Date Stamp.  On a hard and sturdy work surface, place the inked stamp on the handkerchief and apply even pressure.  Then gently lift the stamp off the handkerchief.

Step 1: DIY Handkerchief Save the Dates

Step Two:

Most couples will find it necessary to include accommodation options with their Save the Date – including them in the invitation is often too late to capture discounted rates, etc.  For this Save the Date, we printed out an accommodations card with a compatible font, we then used Antiquaria’s  Wreath Monogram stamp to accent the enclosure.

Antiquaria DIY Hand Stamped Handkerchief Save the Dates: Step 2

Step Three:

Slide the accommodations card into the handkerchief and using your desired ribbon, tie them together, like a present.

DIY Hand Stamped Handkerchief Save the Dates : Step 3

Step Four:

Using a coordinating return address stamp {we used our Wildflowers Return Address Stamp}, ink the stamp and place it in the center of your square envelope.

**Remember to do this before you or a calligrapher addresses the envelopes so that you don’t have to redo any if you get a bad inking.**

DIY Hand Stamped Handkerchief Save the Dates: Step 4

Materials List

Custom Rubber Stamps like these:  “Art Nouveau” Custom Save the Date Stamp, “Wreath Monogram” Stamp, “Wildflowers” Return Address Stamp

Vintage Handkerchieves – Iron to 5.5 x 5.5 squares with starch and a hot iron.  Check Ebay for lots of handkerchieves.  It is more affordable to buy them in bulk than one at a time.  Expect to pay $1-3 per handkerchief for vintage handkerchieves for this project.  Etsy and local thrifts are other good places to look for them.

Colorbox Stamp Pad – we used a variety of pinks and neutrals for this project.

5.5″ x 5.5″ Flat Card – for the accommodations card

5.75 x 5.75 Square Envelope

Hand Painted Silk Ribbon

Photo Credits: Antiquaria

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  2. This is genius! I have so many vintage handkerchiefs/tea towels from various yard/estate sales… I had never considered stamping them! (whether for Save-the-Dates or something else!)

    Thanks also for introducing me to Antiquaria — excellent blog and shop!

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