National Stationery Show 2011 – Part 12

Whew!  With more than 90 booths covered from this year’s National Stationery Show, this is the final post for this year’s show!  I’m ready for a nice long nap at this point, but first let’s get to the good stuff.  First up, Portland-based Oblation Papers and Press, with an industrial-meets-vintage booth design and a collection of classic and clean letterpress cards, invitations, calendars and notebooks.

Letterpress advent calendars – such a cute idea!

My husband would looove these architecture cards…

Oblation Papers & Press

The collection over at Someday Designs is seriously amazing – not only are the letterpress cards seriously adorable, but they’re also hand watercolor painted one by one.  The result is a delicate card that is both completely unique and entirely hand crafted.

Someday Designs

Lots and lots of super colorful stationery over at the Kelp Designs booth – pretty and eco-friendly at the same time!  In my opinion, Katie from Kelp Designs is pretty much superwoman; not only did she put together a fabulous booth for the Stationery Show, but she also organized Tradeshow Bootcamp (to help new trade show exhibitors) and exhibited at 8 months pregnant.  Ah-mazing.

Love those cardboard clipboards!

Kelp Designs

Julie from Up Up Creative made her trade show debut this year, with a super colorful (hello orange!) booth and modern collection of note cards, calendars, gift wrap, and artwork.

Love this color wheel alphabet print!

Up Up Creative

Like the Ladies of Letterpress booth, the Let {Her} Press booth features multiple exhibitors – this year it was Paper Stories, Paper Parasol Press, Robin Beth, and Lucky Bee Press.

Paper Stories

Paper Parasol Press

Robin Beth

Lucky Bee Press

So much color and pretty paper at Envelopments – and a brand new lookbook showcasing some of Envelopments’ custom wedding, baby, and social stationery designs.


At Crane & Co. this year, I got to browse through the new wedding album, check out some of the new social stationery designs, and look at tons of new holiday cards and designs.

Loving the crisp and modern combination of red and white in these two sets of engraved social stationery…

And of course, lots and lots of holiday cards…

Crane & Co. usually offers a fun demonstration in its booth – this year it was the custom monogram process.  I chose a classic swirly monogram for myself…


For a little something special, this year the Crane & Co. booth had these stunning window displays – just like fancy New York department stores!  So stunning…

Crane & Co.

That’s it folks!  I hope you enjoyed the recaps from this year’s National Stationery Show!  If you missed any of the last eleven posts or want to check out the booths from last year, you can see all of my stationery show coverage from the last three years right here!

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

*Envelopments is a spon­sor of Oh So Beau­ti­ful Paper.  For more on my edi­to­r­ial poli­cies, please click here.


  1. Thanks for including our Let {her} Press booth in your coverage. We are in such great company. @Mike, I am glad you like my cities calendar. They will be for sale in stores and also on my website in the fall. 😉

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