Lauren + Joel’s Old Timey Letterpress Wedding Invitations

I love it when designers get married – I get practically giddy in anticipation of the awesome wedding stationery.  So when Lauren and Joel from Old Tom Foolery got married last summer, I couldn’t wait to see what they came up with for their invitations and save the dates.  The result is an old-timey-meets-classic wedding invitation suite that perfectly suits both Lauren and Joel’s personalities as well as the cool venue where they were married – all with a total sense of fun, fun, and fun.

Old-Tom-Foolery-Red-Purple-Letterpress-Save-the-Dates Old-Tom-Foolery-Red-Purple-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations

From Lauren and Joel: We wanted the event to feel fun, with a hint of old-timey-ness.  After all, we were trying to convince friends and family from around the country to come to Toledo, Ohio. (Not a destination on everyone’s ideal vacation list.)  We tried to get people excited with an oversized theater poster-type save the date.  This is really where we had our fun with the printed pieces.  The save the dates were then followed up with a more toned-down invitation that still retained the look and feel of the first piece.  We kept the look going with ceremony programs, thank you notes, place cards, and cookie jar labels for my mom’s famous homemade cookies.

Old-Tom-Foolery-Red-Purple-Classic-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations Old-Tom-Foolery-Purple-Red-RSVP-Envelope-Vintage-Stamps

The invites were printed by Norman Clayton of Classic Letterpress in Emeryville, CA on Crane’s Lettra and the envelopes were from Paper Source.  We also tried to find vintage stamps that fit our personality, like a funny guy with a mustache, a printing press, Ohio stamps, and a retro film stamp since we got married at an historic theater.  Tor Weeks did the hand lettering on the outside of our envelopes (she is also the designer of our Typestache poster).

Old-Tom-Foolery-Wedding-Lauren-Joel-Ceremony Old-Tom-Foolery-Wedding-Lauren-Joel

Old-Tom-Foolery-Wedding-Bouquet Old-Tom-Foolery-Red-Orange-Purple-Bouquet

Old-Tom-Foolery-Wedding-Lauren-Joel-Seating-Cards Old-Tom-Foolery-Wedding-Lauren-Joel-Cake

Old-Tom-Foolery-Wedding-Lauren-Joel-Birch-Centerpiece Old-Tom-Foolery-Wedding-Lauren-Joel-Reception-Decor

The whole look of our event was based on the colors and vibe of two things: The Dahlia Dell in Golden Gate Park, which we used to walk to when we lived in San Francisco, and the gigantic mural of historic performers at the Valentine Theatre, where we were married.  We pulled rich magenta and plum colors from the garden and mural and accented them with a variety of reds, oranges, greens, and neutral browns.  But the best part of the night was really the awesome Motown band we brought in from Detroit.

Old-Tom-Foolery-Lauren-Joel-Wedding-Venue Old-Tom-Foolery-Lauren-Joel-Wedding-Motown-Band


So cute!  Congratulations you guys!  For more awesomeness from Lauren and Joel, check out Old Tom Foolery right here!

Photo Credits: Aruna B. Photography


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