Gradient Color Wedding Invitations

I’m loving the subtle gradient color shift in these invitations from Dingbat Press.  The invitations were printed using a letterpress technique called split fountain, in which two ink colors are distributed on the press at the same time so that they gradually blend together.  I’ve seen this done a few times before and I always think the results are stunning.  The gradient pattern reminds me a bit of watercolor, don’t you think?




You can see a few more images and read more about the split fountain technique over on the Dingbat Press blog right here.

Photo Credits: Dingbat Press

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  1. nice use of this technique!
    I would worry that I couldn’t keep it from melding by the end of the run. I guess if you’re willing to go with the flow and have variables it would be perfect!

  2. Oh, I’m a sucker for things with trees on them. Particularly bright things. These are gorgeous, and the technique certainly has a watercolour feeling to it!

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