Enrique + Annessa’s Creative Mexico Destination Wedding Invitations

Enrique and Annessa are graphic designers getting married in Mexico this summer (congrats you two!) with a follow-on event a few weeks later in Pennsylvania.  When it came time to create their wedding invitations, Enrique and Annessa found themselves inspired by double-sided letterpress coasters and knew they wanted to share their fun sense of humor with their wedding guests.  They decided to go with a fresh blue and orange color palette to represent their sunny destination wedding location – and a totally adorable illustration of the happy couple!



From Enrique and Annessa:  The inspiration for the format came from letterpress coasters we had seen once.  We really liked how they showcased personal items that turned into short stories about the person(s) on the front of the coasters.



In this case, we included our French bulldog Mr. Wilson, my love for gadgets, Annessa’s old 87’ Volvo, and my love for Johnny Cash. We really wanted to play up the fun, intimate details we know about each other and share them with our guests.  Humor is the soul and foundation to our relationship, so we felt it appropriate to illustrate each other the way we see each other.



Since we are having two events, Mexico and Pennsylvania, we had to double up on invitations while hinting at the theme of each event.  Pennsylvania will be a more country feel, so we used iconography such as cowboy boots.  For Mexico, we used, of course, a very appropriate sombrero.


Over all, there were some ups and downs through the process of designing and coming up with a final solution, but it feels very rewarding to know that we designed them ourselves.  We hope our guests enjoy them as well.

Thank you so much Enrique and Annessa!

Photo Credits: Enrique Barrios and Annessa Braymer

  1. I know those letterpress coasters and I’d say they were “very” inspired by them… not sure inspired is the right term though…

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